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The earth will become the home base and capital planet. Other worlds like earth exist, but these planets are hidden in the “folds.” of our known universe. The inhabitants of these worlds are in the form of humanity, unlike the ETs we are familiar with and over time equate the ‘ almond-shaped eyes to an alien. Far removed from the actuality of the “hoax.” and fraudulent way of life stamped upon humanity since the Albino takeover of my world. Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website ‘ Mission Statement is to empower the people and redirect our thoughts to the coming new life about to burst and manifest a new creation not only for earth mother also the ultimate existence unimaginable.

A Bootheram Dreamtime final creation epoch that will live on for eternities. The world has always known the world by the extreme left Christian philosophical principles of Judgement and Heaven, Hell, etc., was coming to an end as we know it. The image most Protestant religions visualise is distorted patriarchal and Albino fanatism. In the words of singer and songwriter Bob Marley song, Stand up for your Rights, says

“Most people think great man will come from the sky, take away everything and make everybody feel high, if you know what life is worth you will look for yours on earth, now you see the light Stand up for your rights.”

Judgement will take place on the earth with the world peoples as a witness. The earth is “special.” home to the Dreaming of the original Blueprint to humanity. From way back in time, the stars are the living and undeniable truth. And, yes, the universe shall revolve around our planet in its reestablished pristine all-natural state—the new Heaven.

Aboriginal Creation Lore was created for the sole purpose to tell the people the Truth of the actual reality, a fraud we have ALL grown up with and established through previous generations. The perpetual lying by governments of the world, motivated by greed and superiority, has run its course, revealing a deliberate plot to gain access and control of the planet’s population.

The catastrophic “planacide.” by the world’s super-elite comes undone at the seams, those very people named in an international Grand Jury when it became too obvious the Coronavirus is another fraudulent act, again, the Mowi short-lived program of destruction and the obliteration of life. The perpetrators have been exposed, including the family name of one of the Illuminati thirteen bloodlines families to the Mowi, aka satan. The impending doom on the satanic bloodline families sealed.

A change has come sooner than first thought. Aboriginal Creation Lore refocuses the children of mother earth towards the magnificence and spectacular coming glory of the planet and a brand new life.

Universal Regeneration
New Life

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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