Seeds of New Life

Life passes on information about itself from one generation to another through codes and patterns carried by seeds. For the Origine’ the earth holds the genetic code. Earth’s topography, together with the energy emanating from its varied landscape, is a primary edition of the principle of life. Through the earth itself, the language of the initial seed speaks across time. The great ancestral beings were vast, unbounded intangible vibratory bodies, similar to energy fields.

The Bootheram Dreamtime epoch concluded with the achievement of three fundamental conditions that made possible the embodiment of conscious life: the earth’s unique topography, speciated life forms and patterns for social relationships. These three can be regarded as the sacred trinity of Origine spirituality. The entire cosmos is continually revitalised by the primal potency flowing between the great ancestors of creation: the unconscious and the conscious, earth and heaven, the All-Mother and the All-Father.

The source of germinal principles and regeneration is the Eternal Seed: that seed, the genius of the Origine people. The basis of eternity is the return of the human spirit and the sacred beauty of the natural world, a living, vibrant source of unending possibilities. The Dreaming constitutes the natural Lores of creation of the universe and can NEVER change. The Stars are the written authority on the heavens’ celestial vault and are linked to Land, Lore and Language, an unbreakable bond between humanity, the earth and heaven.

The Eternal Seed
Seed Dream

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