Become The Dreaming

Bob Marley songs continually at universe HQ, uncle Bob a true Prophet. I found him when I was seventeen; I’m in my fifties now. I got his message, and the vibratory frequencies of his music are the same tone as my earthly ‘ vibrations. He was right the whole time; I heard uncle Bob singing in the dimension of the Three Uncles who sit around the campfire in the sky. They chose me to wake them early to make a big fire in the sky for ‘ light for the people to wake from their long slumber in darkness. The Australian Kookaburra is one totem from my maternal Grandmother and has a loud, raucous “laugh.” the Kookaburra is the light bearer, Gran and me. To wake the people up.

Nothing and nobody can stop it; time up. Too much suffering, and it contains. We can not continue to turn the world for the evil of the Mowi, aka the devil and its elite and chosen elect to perpetrate mass sorcery on innocent people who follow their rules and are deceived by artificial teachings and doctrines unsubstantiated and proven itself to myself, Gran and the Higher Order of the known universe, is a deliberate act by the Albino Illuminati who was among the mass onslaught that rewrote history and replaced the “original” peoples, the Black created an internal self-driven chemicalised and mechanical thought pattern that inhibits not only the thinker to ‘ fully grasp the Super-Reality of Bootheram Dreamtime but have become detached to the sensual desire of the physical world are two inseparable aspects that exist in relationship to the ‘ whole. Love for the natural grandeur of the natural world and all living things on earth is a prerequisite for entry to the new creation of the planet we call mother earth.

Gran and I make the final decision; it’s over. We will continue to blog the truth to our newest family members, who have the absolute right to be fully informed of accurate.’ information that continues to be kept from the children. Anyway, our business is done; we expose the Mowi evilness, lies and deception to the world. It’s finished!

New Day New Time

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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