Soul Revolution

Aboriginal Creation Lore is committed to truth and justice. We are dedicated bearers of truth and light. The Australian Kookaburra is one totem my maternal Grandmother gave to me as a child. A powerful totem, the light bearer. My spiritual Grandfather gave me the Dreamtime story; he gave me all the same old Dreaming stories when I was growing up. In my mother dialect, Bubba is Grandfather. He looked after me always in the background. He teaches me “Possum Power.” a totem given by my maternal Grandfather. As a possum, I win the ‘ staring contest. Also, Possums can get by without food for a time, very hardy and ancient creatures. My spiritual Grandfather visited once; his energies were too powerful, the scrubs and bushes part when he approached.

The campfire in the sky rekindled; it went out at some point in time. The Three Uncles sit around the campfire and bring light into the world for the first time, way back in the Dreamtime. I went to their dimension while in a sleeping state. It was dark. The sacred domain sealed off now, the Dreaming spirits (the males) did a great clean up of all dimensions and holy locations, including my ‘ creative eyes. The shades also cleaned the Dreaming tracks; it was “opened and tampered.” Serious infraction of Dreamtime Lore, among many committed by the Mowi, aka satan. I came back in the guise of humanity to fix it. Also, to hold those accountable for grievous harm with intent. Not only in the realms and dimensions of the Dreamtime creatures but also the world’s natural history. There was an investigation.

It is about truth from an ancient time, sacred and innocent. A deliberate and deceitful plan that destroyed the intended natural course of the original inhabitants was instigated by the Mowi. Also, to stop the fulfilment of the first prophecy, Genesis, the woman’s seed. The world will witness themselves then know they exist within the illusions of a “crazy person.” made-up history, fraud, and one that has been well concealed and barely unknown by the world’s people. The Illuminati ruled my world took advantage of an opportunity, with satanic influences, taken over my world, and in that two hundred or more years desecrated and violated my earthly form raping my body of precious resource, not meant to leave its earthly womb, and killed out my world.

The satanic affairs of the Illuminati go no further. Their time comes for Payback. The Mowi and demonic goons still cover their dirty little deeds and pretend nothing has happened. It is over; the plug has pulled; the world can turn no longer for greedy capitalists that perpetrate mass consumerism. Aboriginal Creation Lore will continue to blog the actual unknown another half of the story as we leave this time and place and move into the new heaven on earth. Our loyal subscribers will be abundantly blessed.

Universal Regeneration

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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