From Dreaming to a New Reality

Scientific methodologies reflect a misunderstanding of the universal nature and influence of language. Rational, empirical scientism is banal in its attempts at utter concreteness. Its method of structuring reality makes little use of metaphor or symbol, of analogy to simile; it compartmentalises, isolates, and fragments reality. Despite the advances in relativity and Quantum theory, scientists still expect a view in which things are precisely as they appear to be, discrete and unperturbed by emotional depths of the mind from which our very perceptions and rational intellect emerge.

In contrast, Origine languages, initiatic lifestyle and thought process an extraordinary capacity to integrate the products of the conscious and unconscious mind and maintain sensitivity to a living and aware natural world. The aspects of modern scientific philosophy (relativity and quantum theory, cybernetics and whole systems) recognise the interdependence of mental and physical phenomena are reserved for an educated elite who can master the required formulas and concepts. Unfortunately, the rest of us are vaguely educated in the past’s analytical and fragmenting thought processes.

The old thought processes, linguistic practices, and social, political, economic and medical institutions based on Aristotle, Descartes and Newton go rolling. Furthermore, for a price, the same scientific priesthood continues to supply those institutions with the knowledge and technological equipment by which they sustain their power. These institutions and thought processes converge in a single world view that separates our external world from our inner world and refuses to acknowledge the feeling in practice: Intelligence and internal consciousness in any aspect of creation except human beings. This world view enables humanity to accept civilisations constant onslaught on the rest of design guiltlessly.

Sedentary Food Chain

Each year in the United States alone, six billion helpless domestic animals are marched to the slaughterhouses as if they were empty. Feelingless things. Every eight seconds, an acre of forest is destroyed along with its inhabitants as if the lives of these creatures were of less value than the piles of timber used for wasteful human consumption. Any form of wildlife, insect, or organism that threaten grain and tomato crops is systematically destroyed to ensure those are well fed at the pinnacle of evolution. It is also apparent precisely who occupies that pinnacle.

The Bootheram Dreamtime creation stories of the Origine’ guided them to see the physical world as a language, a metamorphous of invisible spiritual, psychological and ethical realms. In this way, the Origine’ involvement with the physical world includes and resonates with all other aspects of human experience. Humanity can hope to free their minds from the church of scientific and human progressivism by seeking a culture that has proved its capacity to integrate the entirety of human experience harmoniously within the natural and physical worlds. The Origine culture is the prime extant example of that sort of culture.

Universal Regeneration
Universal Regeneration

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