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To all those souls in the world who have been lied to and deceived by the Mowi and falsely led to believe the structure of society has been the “norm.” is set up to destroy love. In the last phase of the metamorphous, the Butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The long-awaited ‘ New Earth prophecy comes. Aboriginal Creation Lore is responsible for “telling the children the truth.” in all countries of all nations. Eternal peace shall soon reign over the universe, the new heaven on the earth resplendently restored to the original glory. Still, unfathomable beauty to the eyes, ears, touch and senses of reality never to be destroyed. All the wrong people will be gone the children will be free and happy.

Judgement of the living and the dead will take place on my earthly body, the Judgement Throne of God. There will be no internal power struggle. The children will come together to overcome our troubles. Divide and rule only tear us apart. Soon we will find out who the real revolutionaries are. The world did not anticipate a Black female God intervening in the cosmic conflict between good and evil. It was prophesied long ago, the Biblical woman and her remnant seed, the Matristic Starlore children, the original inhabitants. Their culture and way of existence were smashed apart by invading Albinos worldwide.

The Albino takeover of the world brings in the new patriarchal world order of the Illuminati. These thirteen satanic bloodline families sold their souls to the Mowi, the devil. The devil is only using them to revenge the All-Father God for being kicked out of the celestial courts. He knows its reign on earth is short-lived. The Mowi made itself busy eradicating the original inhabitants, using its Illuminati families to do its dirty work. He then creates a fictional history for its evil empire while destroying the earth simultaneously. There are no “outer space” folks. It’s all make-believe. The Mowi has led the people of the land and its Illuminati families up the garden path.

Exodus, the movement of the people.

They made the world so hard that people are crying every day; they made the world so hard every day the people are dying

Bob Marley
Universal Regeneration

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