New Universe Vibration Begins

The Galactic Calendar is a universal timescale in sync with time itself; the dates and days come back Sunday 1 October 2018. I posted a blog on 28 March 2021, Star Tracks, the scales of the Universal Lore of Reciprocity unbalanced, calamity, filth, disgusting in the purity of the ‘ essence its objective is of the creative ancestral heroes to invite a cohesive harmonic mysticism between human groups and all living things; it remains an unbroken chord. The stars stay as an incorruptible Lore and Can NEVER change; it is written in the celestial vault of heaven a Testament to a Living Lore an enduring relationship between the earth mother and all her creatures and reciprocated and respected.

The Galactic clock is on its predetermined ‘ schedule of what we know to be ‘ time, near the end. Aboriginal Creation Lore witnessed the repugnant vulgar “WORLD AUTHORITIES” condemn the human population and obliterate entire races across the globe, the guise of the care and welfare of human lives. As all plans of the Mowi inevitably backfires, still hellbent and reckless, the Mowi gets nothing for all its ‘ cloak and dagger enterprises. Aboriginal Creation Lore is well on top of all the “tricks in the book.” of the Mowi, aka the devil; it has a proven track record in celestial courts,  “Till iniquity
was found in you” (Ezek 28:12-15
NKJV) and its trademark is darkness.

The lies and deceit follow their master footsteps, “Lucifer exploited his influence as chief of heaven’s creation
to infect his dissatisfaction about
God among the angelic host. His
power to deceive was enormous as
he disguised his purpose in a cloak
of falsehood” (2 Cor 11:13-14). It was allowed,  ‘Until fully developed,
it could not be made to appear the
evil thing it was; his disaffection
would not be seen to be rebellion.(Mountain View, CA: Pacific Press, 1911). Aboriginal Creation Lore has made it a primary directive to expose the Mowi. Its disguise is dark and hides in the darkness of the shadows. The allotted time for retribution comes. The Mowi, the Anawain tribe dialect for the Debil Debil, is known across Australia by the Origine people as a trickster.

A time and date set and lapsed the deadline. The end of the end of evil. For far too long, the earth’s inhabitants were shackled to an uncultured burden as slaves to system and order to confuse and inevitably death of the human spirit. Humanity has been shattered into bits and pieces, fragmented, disillusioned and lost. The Destruction in the realms of spirit and theft of sacred property, invaluable, the Illuminati actively partake in the sacrificial rituals of children, pedophilia, and all manner of child sexual exploitation originate in the Mowi before time begins in the Alcheringa – the time before time.

The welfare of the animals and the plants are suffering. The continuation of mass enslavement has met its match. Bugal Wena is the ‘ world made flesh who came back for the babies stolen from the Dreamtime and the children of my earthly being.

Universal Regeneration

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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