The Great Historical Lie

Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is not or ever will be a platform to cause division discord and incite hatred towards people of the world. Life is worth more than gold, and Aboriginal Creation Lore has proven this to be the fact. Our mission statement empowers the people and a second chance at life in a new world free of hate, sadness, fear and lies. There exist on our earth home a catastrophic misconception of historical confusion created by the Illuminati, the families of the Mowi, aka satan. The Illuminati does not find, shape or form the solution; instead has created the current global crises and all suffering upon the human race since the formation of the Freemason in 1717.

All races of the world, including the white race, have been misguided and lied to by superior white authorities in the academic and scientific institutions, governance in all its facets and Christian philosophy in believing the world’s natural history to be a detailed and factual account. In a quote, we shall give an example from Real History.

“Since then: The Dravidian Albinos of Europe – formerly of India via Central Asia, had busied themselves creating fake artifacts and writings to support their “Imagined Fantasy History”. And when the opportunity arose to establish their dominance over the “Normal” world of Humans, by violence and Genocide, they greedily took it. Then, after gaining dominance over the “Normal” world of Humans, they went about the task of using their total control over media and all types of communication, to teach and spread their false “Fantasy History”. The main object of their revisionists history were their former masters in Europe, the Black elite. These they simply Wrote-out-of-history, and attempted to destroy all of their artifacts, while at the same time, Writing themselves into their places, and creating fake artifacts to support their lie. With Europe’s Black elite out-of-the-way, it was then easy – with the help of Brain-dead African leaders, to establish Black skin as synonymous with Slaves and underachievement.”

Fueled by satanic influences, the minority elite, the Illuminati thirteen bloodline families were given, by the Mowi, aka the devil, absolute power over the world’s inhabitants if they made it their god and committed themselves to lie and deceit, sacrificial satanic rituals, conceit and the inherited abomination of every satanic trait, characteristics and deception. The Illuminati established the “all-seeing eye.” over my world and executed the worldwide elimination of ALL TRUTH.

Aboriginal Creation Lore has given the origins of lies, deception, and foul play on the official blog and website, the character of the Mowi is the trademark stamp of the Illuminati. The Aboriginal Creation Lore site is under daily attack from Illuminati influences and their allies in the internet world. This act infuriates myself and Gran, the Rainbow Serpent, who are the Powerhouse of the light of the Truth in every and all aspects of human life and behaviour. Aboriginal Creation Lore is for the people of Earth and designed to filter out the misconceptions of our “false reality.” the inhabitants of the world believe it is the ONLY reality that exists. The Illuminati can not interfere in the foretelling of the All-Mother God and works. The people are her children and will fight to restore the Original Blueprint to Humanity.

Aboriginal Creation Lore is far more powerful than the Illuminati and the Mowi, aka satan, who hide their reign on the earth in false security is utter and complete. Watch this space.

Dodgem Devil

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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