It is True to Be Too Good

Aboriginal Creation Lore offers new life to all peoples worldwide, the world, my physical-biological form has reached maximum time, perpetuated by the Industrial Revolution ignited over two hundred years ago, the digital age smother what life remains of the earth. People are finding the reality of actual life confronting and are finding it hard toContinue reading “It is True to Be Too Good”

Earth Secrets Revealed

Gran, Warrazum the ancient grandmother the Rainbow Serpent and Bugal Wena, All-Mother share the same physical body. Gran lives on the left side, I live on the right. The Rainbow Serpent is the original Galactic creator, Bugal Wena is the earth made flesh and bone. I know my earthly body well, having Gran, the RainbowContinue reading “Earth Secrets Revealed”

Eternal Rebirth

Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to extend the invitation for the believer in truth, in return for life eternal. Guaranteed. The Bootheram Dreamtime continuum will continue to ignite the flow of all life on the Earth and bring about a change in the human spirit. For over three hundred years, the world has been blindedContinue reading “Eternal Rebirth”

Prepare for Judgement

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran, Warrazum the Rainbow Serpent and myself Bugal Wena, All-Mother God on behalf of the Higher Lore/Law to the known Universe have a sacred and spiritual responsibility and obligations to inform the inhabitants of Earth a ‘ cut-off point to the life of the world as we know it has been reached.Continue reading “Prepare for Judgement”

Preserving the Seed

It is a question of preserving the seed within rests the chances for human survival during the closing and opening of an enormous cycle. The Australian government’s total lack of vision is viciously symptomatic of governments all over the world: instead of recognising the cultural treasure of the Origine people, it continually thwarts their effortsContinue reading “Preserving the Seed”

Dreaming and Creation

Aboriginal Creation Lore would like to begin to prepare the mind of those ‘ connected people for their lives in the New Heaven on Earth and give an idea of how we will live our lives. Modelled after the Original Blueprint to Humanity a culture that has proved its capacity to integrate the entirety ofContinue reading “Dreaming and Creation”

Cruising Home

The team at Aboriginal Creation Lore, Gran the Rainbow Serpent and myself, Bugal Wena, are on auto-pilot now the dilemma that entertains the masses into mass illusions of grandeur complete. Our efforts to right a wrongdoing and injustice to the world’s people are fraught with immense obstacles deeply entrenched in the human psyche over generationsContinue reading “Cruising Home”

Artificial & Fraud History

Aboriginal Creation Lore must note historical discrepancies to the “natural history of the world human origins clouded in mystery. We did some investigations. “The history of the first civilisation question why human beings advanced so rapidly than those who already existed on the ancient planet. People, through their religion, try to offer answers to theContinue reading “Artificial & Fraud History”