The Inevitable End to Evil

I became a childhood prodigy at age four, but it took over five decades to mature into a foretold providence from antiquity. I cannot clearly explain or express my gifts, powers, and abilities in the flesh of my humanity, which is skin and a skeletal frame to keep my form upright. I can not tell people the miracles that occur in front of my eyes daily; they witness themselves. As a deity, my powers are understandable and can explain away the extraordinary spiritual gifts and metaphysical abilities I inherit from my nine totemic species. I am the world made flesh and inherited all internal and external memories of earth from Gran, the Rainbow Serpent.

I only realised recently just how powerful I could be after being escorted by a celestial being to a Chinese ghost den in London’s Chinatown to retrieve a lost family member. I have been celestially endowed with Divine Power to be escorted by an angelic being into the realms of the dead. I will never forget the experience. When the heavenly took me down into the Chinese ghost den, the deceased’s spirit met me at the door. The spirit guardians who keep wayward spirits of the dead in check do a fine job to return the deceased’s heart to their rightful resting place.

The All-Mother God, “the mother and nourisher of life and receiver of the dead for rebirth.” is my sacred and spiritual responsibility and obligation to reinstate the original blueprint to humanity. I have known for some time I was the breath of life. My visit to the Chinese ghost den to gather the heart of a deceased family member to take back to their ancestral home, I begin to summon all dislocated spirits of my children who died from genocide and to those taken from Australia to England and Europe during the invasions worldwide of the British Empire. The last to gather into the bosom of my heart were the innocents massacred in my mother tribe.

Everyone on the earth exists in my Dreaming. The lifelong dream of the world as one happy family will transpire in time and tune with the land and celestial rhythms and frequencies. The dead will return by the breath of my life. We are in the closing chapter of this time and place. Not all will be in the New Heaven on Earth. Records have been retained on every living soul who graced the planet for ages, for example, Adolph Hitler, who murdered millions for vanity. Some will be scared to death; some will drop dead. The cruel acts against animals, in particular, will suffer a severe and grave death with no mercy who showed none when they enact their satanic evil on innocent creatures.

Then there is the “other side.” for the satanic families of satan, the Illuminati and the minority elite, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, will suffer a fate far worse than death. All perpetrators of genocide will also be going to the “other side.” Then there are the occultists. Down through time, the Mowi and its henchmen directed satanic rituals towards the children at the locations of sacred significance. The Illuminati befriended Native American Indians who performed rituals together on holy ground. AS the mother of all life, the fate of the native’s involvement with the Illuminati is still undecided. There will be last-minute pardons. Today’s current crises began when the Albino overthrew the Black people in Europe and Britain and birthed the satanic Illuminati families leading to the entropic decay and destruction of mother earth and her remaining children. Hollywood, the satanic playground of the world, will be blown off the map. The stars and celebrities allegiance with the Mowi influence the population perceptions and become blurred lines. Their input to satanism as being “trendy.” and display in public the hand gestures affiliated with occultism a sadistic, abomination freely and in full paparazzi alliances to smooth the public views on demonic traits as being harmless—a heinous crime.

Devil Doomsday

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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