True Life Reborn

Aboriginal Creation Lore is very understanding of the nature of humanity. All people are born innocent—the “structures and systems” in place doom people to failure. The fabricated lie of today’s existence humans believe, since birth, has always been the same since their great-grandmothers. We will try to explain the difference. In Origine’s cultural beliefs, lore, and religion, the theme of reciprocity between the creation and the Dreamtime Ancestors is heightened. Humanity and all the world dreams, and through these dreams, continually receive the potencies of the Ancestors. In other words, the interiority of the creative spirits is our external reality, while the interiority of humanity and earthly life is the objective existence of the Ancestors.

The Ancestors and we, their earthly creation, exist inseparably and appear as the interiority and exteriority of each other. We are dreaming within a dream. Human desires human designs take place within a great plan that is already complete. Humankind must remain mindful and respectful of the grand vision of the world so that all our works, ways, and energies reflect the heartbeat of the Ancestral Creators. This, in essence, is the Bootheram Dreamtime Lore: maintaining sensitivity to an invisible metaphysical blueprint, physically sensed and symbolically read in the topography of the land.

The subtle energy and symbolic forms of the landscape provide organisational norms and precedence that people must maintain for harmony in the world. The role of dreaming in creation lifts the concept from the personalised, subjective box of modern psychology and gives it Universal importance. Our dreams can be a peek into the expanding circle of the goals of the creative world that reach back to the Alcheringa or Dreamtime. The subjective states of all beings – animals, plants, matter, energy, stars. The moon and humans – converge in the Dreamtime. The Origine’ believe that when we balance the two worlds of space and consciousness within ourselves, we do not need to fantasise or construct any other planets.


This implies that we can not hope to integrate ourselves and our society into the ecology and consciousness of the earth until we have deeply integrated these two worlds into our daily existence. The Dreaming is as permanent and unchanging as the earth itself. Innovation and change for Origine’ occur as a result of developing their capacity to discover and reenact the eternal elements of the Dreaming. In Origine cosmology, this discovery replaces our idea of evolution. Consciousness expands by increasing exchange between its two domains.

Sleep is but one entrance into the Dreaming. The Origine’ education begins in developing awareness during sleep and hypnotic state. Becoming increasingly lucid in sleep – to the point of being able to act consciously in the dream world and bring symbolic messages received while asleep in the awakened world – is the beginning of the initiations for every tribal person. The Origine tradition maintains that the extraordinary reality of Bootheram Dreamtime can only be experienced through extraordinary states of consciousness, The capacity to move back and forth between the two worlds with clarity and agility develops throughout initiations that lead participants through deep trance states, both hypnotic and ecstatic. In this way, they learn to integrate the mystery of the supersensory world of nature into everyday life. The vision of the earth as a sacred ledger of cosmology is unique to the Origine’.

The dream of Bugal Wena Dreaming is to restore the original blueprint set out for humanity and the grand plan for the earth from the very beginning. As the ‘ Breath of life, the impossible dream is made possible.

The Mother of All Life
– The Mother of Life, Death, and Regeneration –

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