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Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is the official authority on the earth bestowed by the Highest Order of the Creator Spirit, Pronounced WOO-PA-Ra-Yo-wuh and the High 24 Celestial Elders. The conflict between good and evil on my good Earth continues unabated. Gran (Ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent), and I have been in spiritual Armageddon for over fifty years. We are in the firing line against demonic entities constantly as we prepare for the New Earth just around the corner; very soon, the suffering of humanity is coming to an end.

Aboriginal Creation Lore illustrated to the world the “other side.” to the untold story, the unseen world of the Mowi, aka Satan, the devil saw through our life and experiences, over five decades, daily and it will continue to wreak havoc until it is destroyed in front of the world inhabitants. The Illuminati is doomed to exile on the “other side.” too aimlessly roam the dark and foggy realms of limbo, eternal living dead in the doom. We know that place is a dimension for the evil involved in the fictionalised hoax reality of existence created by the Albino Illuminati over three hundred years ago.

The Mowi is a “girl” who bullies and harasses two female elders because the Mowi knows Gran, and I can not be beaten. Gran is a powerful deity together; we are double Quantum movement, time and space itself. I was in the Quantum Field; it’s greyscaled. I could still make out the location and my surroundings. Aboriginal Creation Lore has always known there was a ‘ tear in the fabric of the time-space continuum. The Mowi interfere with dimensional realities, stealing the property of great spiritual importance, sabotaging, holding hostages, and creating mayhem in the Dreaming Tracks.

We are also aware that the Mowi utilise “moon dust.” in their black magic, or other elements are taken from other planets like Saturn. We know the Mowi is linked to Saturn in its diabolical plan to make itself a god to dominate and destroy the earth and the children. The Pendulum swing 2008, I felt the powerful universe surge as the giant Galactic Pendulum swung an inch or two from our face. Aboriginal Creation Lore is a nonprofit humanitarian organisation—a family service to the children of Earth.

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