The Destruction Of Innocence

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Granny (the Rainbow Serpent), and I, All-Mother God are the last bastion of truth remaining on the earth. The Illuminati, the family of the Mowi, aka the devil, satan, and the worldwide governments they “own” have begun the murder of babies via the death jab, coronavirus vaccine. We are dedicating our blogs to a little boy named Lachlan. Lachlan was five years old. His parents trusted the Australian demonic government to keep them safe and consent to give Lachlan the vaccine. Soon after Lachlan was experiencing breathing difficulties, he was rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, the distraught parents were refused entry. The father threatened to call Rebel news, The family then allowed into the hospital.

Hospital staff did tests on little Lachlan. The staff well knew Lachlan was going to die, they discharged him and the family was sent home. Lachlan’s health seriously declined. His parents put him to bed. They heard Lachlan scream, they found him dead. He died of a massive heart attack. Lachlan’s father tried to warn other parents via Facebook, but their account was deactivated. Lachlan’s mother is now heavily sedated in hospital while his father continues to care for Lachlan’s little sister. Lachlan’s family has been destroyed.

Families around the world are going through the same experience as Lachlan’s right now. Five-year-old babies are dropping dead and dying in their sleep. Still. parents are being lied to and the mainstream media perpetuate the lies. The number of coronavirus cases is inaccurate as health officials distort the actual numbers to give the public the impression, that coronavirus is rampant.

Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook will be personally dealt with by Granny and myself. He will be sorry he was born. I am the mother of life, death, and restoration. This worldwide destruction on the lives of the innocent via the coronavirus and those involved will be inflicted by the curse of the All-Mother God and Gran, the Rainbow Serpent. We are mothers. The Mowi or the devil is the cause of ALL death and destruction through its family, the Illuminati. Their reign of doom is ended.

Babies Are Sacred
– Dedicated to little Lachlan –

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  1. Warrior Woman I support you fully & stand beside You under Laws of Grace. Your dedication to the children & Life is exemplary 💛🙌

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