Darwin versus The Dreaming

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- the creation story accepted for almost two hundred years by western civilization – is only a story. While Darwin and his proponents claimed to have “proved” his theory, it can not be scientifically tested. Nevertheless, Darwinism grew into an unquestioned scientific and academic orthodoxy. It has become the paradigm, or, lens. through which all thinking about human origins is assessed. The edifices of modern life sciences are built on a belief of this story.

Darwin’s theory of Evolution is based on the principle of natural selection, which postulates that species regularly overpopulate, resulting in continual struggle for survival in which the victors are the strongest species or members of a species characteristics most adaptable to their environment. Individuals choose mates with characteristics that make them highly likely to survive. Weaker or less adaptable individuals or species – the majority of contestants – die out.

Applied to human evolution, this theory implies that Homo sapiens’ superior characteristics triumphed over those of the lower primates. Darwin’s theory project a world view based on competition and conflict in which nature is a hostile force that must be kept at bay. It is also used to justify the exploitation of the earth and all other creatures to satisfy human requirements

Basic to the Darwinian creation myth is what has been called the ladder mentality; this aspect has infected all aspects of our view of the world. The “ladder” symbolizes a climb through gradual stages: from the simple to the complex, from instincts to intelligence, from nonliving to living, from less conscious to more conscious from inorganic elements to plants to animals to humans, from disorder to order to self-organization. In each case, the world is pinned to a ladder of progression. In scientific thought, the straight climb up the ladder of evolution has been dropped in favor of different pathways: loops, punctuated equilibrium, nonlinearity. However, the idea of the ladder is retained in the concept of an overall movement from one determined or quality (i.e., simple) toward another determined state (i.e., complex)

In its social application, white males are placed at the top of the ladder and all the rest- other races, women, children, plants, and animals – take up the rungs below. All are there to support the institutions, structures, and theories of that exalted pinnacle. Although they appear to be philosophical adversaries, western Christianity, and scientific Darwinism have both supported the expansion of the Industrial Revolution, with its unbridled exploitation of the environment for benefit of mankind. Darwinian biology affirms this exploitation by ignoring the intelligence, beauty, and purposefulness of nature and replacing it with chemical and mechanical explanations.

Origine Dreamtime realized long ago, that the lores and principles from the natural world arose should be the same as those that generate human culture and society. Unfortunately, the popular Darwinian view of biological evolution, with its “survival of the fitness” assumptions, provides such a distorted view of nature that the systems based on this image, such as capitalism and its social variants, have hurried up toward planetary extinction.

– Natural World & Social World of the Origine’ goes Together –

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