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Aboriginal Creation Lore is the official voice of the earth and its creatures. For those people who have subscribed to our site, we will continue to blog daily as we move into the New Heaven on the Earth. Aboriginal Creation Lore believes the genuine value and worth of ONE soul are not compared, in the slightest with the manufactured, distorted origins of the homo sapien created by the family of satan, the Illuminati, with an artificial order and program unbalanced, not of the earth, manufactured for death and destruction and defies gravity. The world is a natural being. Every natural lore of existence has been violated by the Mowi, aka satan, for the deliberate destruction of the human race and the earth mother herself. The stamp of the world is now a satanic haven for vileness, immorality, and the nonexistent human spirit.

A great cleansing of the world taking place, the separation from the sheep and the goat. The connected are in tune with nature’s cycles, unknowingly. But there is much more, the inherent spirit of those connected placed in locations worldwide form a galaxy consciousness with the most far-reaching impacts made to instigate the rebirth of humanity and the earth. Internet is not required. The revolution is in full throttle now. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Everyone is warmed up in its glowing.

Bugal Wena Dreaming is nearing completion. The family I have always dreamed of. Are the children who Gran and I have fought for over fifty years and it has been worth it. Every satanic attack over my lifetime inevitably backfires the original and only loser. The Mowi can not take being beat at its own game. The Illuminati, the illegal contraband of the world penalty for hundreds of years of human slavery and their direct input to global events since, Napoleon, still being decided by Gran and myself. Those who have destroyed our children’s lives will be punished. Including the animals and the plants, especially the great grandfather and grandmother trees.

Since the “Albino.” invasion and takeover of my world, their efforts to find life to how they feel fit, with delusional thoughts of grandeur, avail to nothingness. For example, the space program, Illuminati funded, designed to take away the focus to the actual source of life, the earth mother. All these human endeavors or what they claim to be achievements are just plain silliness. The Mowi behind their every move. The dominant white, male worldview is a regulated sex show in public view. The “sexy” status preens young children’s view of themselves as they mature, the outcome of this is inferiority complex, fantasy, delusions, violence, and suicide. The anti-social restrictions on human life the idea of the Mowi who will be publicly executed.

Plant Power
– Newborn –

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

3 thoughts on “New Natural World Order

  1. Thank you Bugal Wena,

    This post really resonated with me.
    Despite not being born on this soil, I felt a pull since childhood. Our creator guided me from a longing for freedom and getting closer to vast regions of unspoilt nature. How amazing that you can still drink water from a mountain stream safely and camp anywhere, at least in national parks and state forests!
    First I was afraid of the possible dangers of this strange new wilderness, but in time with more spiritual maturation, I now feel safe, knowing that showing respect to and gratitude for the land and all its natural lifeforms will bring me closer to feeling more protected and guided to do what is good for all. I can feel a shift in recent times, as if nature has started to acknowledge my presence and is communicating more. Maybe it’s just me being more receptive, as l slowly awake to the real way of living, that was taken from me by growing up in an unbalanced society. The longing for balance was always there, an unconscious prayer answered brought me to this land, for which I am very grateful. I am exited for the next chapter, where Natural Lore will prevail and justice will reign!

    Thank you!

    1. It makes all our hard work worthwhile to receive thoughtful messages. We can feel your gratitude and a genuine seeker of the Truth. Because of the people like you, we create a platform for all people to unite. The time for rebirth is now; you possess an original spirit and come home. Much love and light. Bugal Wena & Gran

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