Eternal Lores of Nature

The current climate crisis and the health of the physical world have been in decline since the early 80s. The sun’s effect on me, earth, began around this time and deteriorated now to zero heat tolerance. I must stay in air conditioning and out of the sun’s rays, or I become very unwell in a short time. We live on the verge of no existence but will not become extinct; a change is around the corner. The ‘ cover-up to my natural world history allowed an unchecked passage of time for the fabrication to the ET stories to evolve unhindered, leading to multitudes of decent folks blindsided by the intervention of the alien’s in ‘ saving the Earth and its inhabitants from impending doom.

The alien theory does not fit the oral traditions to create the world’s natural history or measure sacred geometry patterns. The complexity of DNA now convinced scientists an ‘ intelligent order behind the workings of DNA, and its intricate details compelling evidence to a ‘ higher intelligence organisation of the universe. The doubling design of a single cell implies accurate pre-determined rules of creation apply to everything in the universe.

Bootheram is the Ngarakbul Githabul word for LORE or LAW of all creation natural history. Science held in Oral format. Bootheram uses plants and animals and creates heroes and heroines as metaphoric puns to denote each time for each creation lore. Bootheram uses the landscape and the sky as reference points of this same creation lore, a living library.

The Bootheram tells the story in tribal code. Natural objects used to describe the creation are used as sacred objects. It is truthful, factual Lore. Every significant natural feature has cultural value and a role as a knowledge tool. Knowledge is vital for survival that connects us to the country. Lore, Land, Language are linked. The Bootheram travels through the landscape and is mirrored in the night sky – Guyoongun Bootheram – Starlore. The fractal waves of the Earth’s biosphere magnetoelectric spiral upwards into ‘ space creating a solar shield to protect our planet from solar flares coming from the sun. The order of nature is completed.

Lore Of Nature

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