The Conception of New Life

The first blog post was on November 26, 2020. Earth Birth. It wasn’t a new birth. Instead, the earth conceived impending new life. The timeline of the Universe I created in two charts, the square and the circle, where the equations for the rebirth of the world. The Earth’s Solar Plexus realignment at Uluru, central Australian desert with the Diamond Galactic grid in early January 2020, followed by the Solstice one-time Astrological event of the Cosmological Circle of Life, completes an entire metamorphous with the impending new birth of the earth from its cocoon waiting to be born. I knew a birth or conception had taken place in the south of Australia, nearby the earth’s reproductive system. The world conceived on 26 November, the Cosmological Circle of Life’s new Life, the alignment of the celestial bodies with the planet, activate the earth’s, or rather, stimulate activity deep within the womb of the world. In this case, my physical-biological earthly body will get a makeover.

There are many sacred locations on my earthly body; I feel sore spots on my physical body and is always connected to a temporal place. I think the profound difference in my physical body when a home is activated somewhere, most usually in Australia. The Uluru connection is a powerful boost to the planet, the last traditional owner of Uluru, uncle Cassidy Uluru, is a powerful healer. When Gran and I made contact with him, he couldn’t speak English but said the name of my mother tribe in clear English. He knew we were coming for him. We both felt healing take place, not only with my physical body but that of the Earth itself. Uluru is the heart of my world. It has been a most sacred location since the realignment occurred in January 2020. Significant improvement in the Earth’s circulation.

– The Earth Chakras and Vortex –

Aboriginal Creation Lore is aware the occult takes advantage of sacred locations to perform their Satanic rituals. Rather than utilise a location for benevolence, the satanic occult carries out evil towards the good Earth, its inhabitants, and their lust for satanic power and chaos. The occult perpetrates methodical murders to times, dates and locations. Those who practice satanic rites will soon end; my world is not their domain to enact ‘ black magic. In Origine culture, no wise person would ever condone the use of black magic and consider the act of harmful intent not by the social harmony and coherence of a group. The Lore of Creation is reciprocal, and the Earth is balanced to create atmospheric “mystic” essence on the surface that benefits the animals and plants in particular. The path of this time and place will end and begin a new one.

Aboriginal Creation Lore will not cease to put pressure on the evilness in my world; there is no denying that the Mowi orchestrates mass destruction to the Earth. It believes it is the owner of the planet and has a right to perform its evil doings against humanity. The Coronavirus fraud ends the human race for a few dollars in the pocket. I fail to find where this minority elite will live out their entire lives; it will not occur on my earthly body. Little do these ultra-rich persons know, the planet can not continue to turn another year. The Australian summer is my last. I want to end the misery on the earth soon as possible; the animals and plants are dying. The “Illuminati” of the world do not care for the environment of my Earth and hold false beliefs they have the right to dictate satanism on the Earth in the form of a deadly vaccine that restructures DNA. What they have done was fulfilled Prophecy unaware.

New Birth of the Earth
– Conception –

The first Full Moon for 2022 was Monday 17 January, signalling the beginning of the end for the Illuminati, including their master, Satan or the Mowi. The Gate officially shut. There will be notifications at the last minute for believers, not Christianity believers. Those who care about the Earth and ALL its creatures will receive a calling from joining our Dreamtime family for the final countdown to the new Earth.

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