Order of the Spirits

The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, honest and truthful. A “Goong” was passed down to me from my maternal Grandmother. Goong translates to – Spirit of Truth. When Gran (RS) and I cleaned the realms of spirits and dimensions of the Dreamtime creatures, we moved in the circle of spirits. Often, when entering a spirit domain, the heart to that place ‘ demands to know who I am. I always said I am with the spirit of truth. We were given way. We are aware of the location on the earth. A young Chinese boy escorted me to a Chinatown ghost den; I had to identify a person I knew, the spirits who held the dead person spirit put their hands out to show me they had nothing to hide. The escort was a celestial being. I recognised we walked through a dark alley, but now I know it covered something very evil; I believe the location is London. The place was terrible; the celestial being had their wing around me; I went to the site in my spiritual body.

I want to accentuate the domains of spirits known to Gran and me; we are constantly in multiple dimensional existence levels. There is so much falsehood about the spiritual realms, as mentioned in a previous blog, the spiritual entities in allegiance with the Mowi impersonate the dead. These demonic influences unnatural occurrences, causing death and injury. And can manipulate the weather to their desired outcome. The domain in the Dreaming spirit is separate from that of the demons. When the “gate sealed.” in and contained our family abode, extensive security measures were put into place. These barriers can not be penetrated by any outsider, primarily the Mowi. The Mowi has certain restrictions to contain its evil. It perfected its art of lies and deceit and shared the craft among its Illuminati family.

The Spirits, who are not in league with the Mowi, are docile and harmless. The Mowi disturbs their peace, so they remain hidden. In 2018, I met a young man who worked in the Northern Territory; he intercepted me, and we shared stories on the traditional lifestyles of the people in the desert. Three weeks later, his spirit bird came to me in a dream. It was from the male spirits from the Dreaming needed to address issues only can be done by males. I took them to a dream I had in 2003, inside a blowhole in the Great Australian Bight in the south of Australia; I was there. Somebody was in there, a male; I had to wait for assistance from the male’s spirits to remove it.

The male spirits begin to do a cleanup. My visions had been invaded by a person who practised in the occult. Unbeknown to me, I casually tell the person of my strong eye. I was sitting in front of a campfire outside; a humpy made up of sticks with cover to keep off the dewy nights. The person entered my vision but had to leave; my husband was on his way. When the male spirits went into my eyes, I heard feathers ruffling. Then they commenced cleaning the Dreaming Tracks, which was a shambles and not secure. I was having dreams of celebrities who are members of the Illuminati. At the time, I could not work out how these dream entities entered my dream space. I did, soon after, the male spirits got rid of the “rubbish.”

The spaces in between are hard to locate in the spirit worlds. I found them great hiding spots while being chased by demonic entities who became lost and confused when I vanished. The security around my neighbourhood is tight-knit. Nothing can get in also; the spirits are camped outside my home and notify me of unwanted visitors I quickly dispatch. My huge Dreaming family understands the Mowi moves and how its mind ticks, forever trapping the souls of people, which greatly pleases the Mowi who is hellbent on hellbent. One certainty we know of is the demise of the Mowi, one death blow from me; after Gran has her way with it for what it did to her, there won’t be much left of it when Gran finishes making my job easy.


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