The Deceit Continues

Since Aboriginal Creation Lore began to publish the “truth” of the Mowi and its evil empire, the Illuminati, who cower in fear, hidden away in the darkness, counteract my claims of debauched satanic activities by blocking the public, once again, to the truth. The Mowi is well versed in Scripture and knows the time has come for its demise. Nothing can stop it. We are aware the Mowi is a powerful supernatural being, and its capabilities are well known. However, the first prophecy in Genesis is now to be fulfilled by myself, Bugal Wena, All-Mother and the ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent. We have been tracking the Mowi for over fifty years while at the same time cleaning and restoring the chaos it created not only in the spiritual realms but to every level of manifestation – spatial, stellar, energetic, plant, animal and human.

The Mowi face the wrath of God for crimes against humanity, the natural world, including the universe, and the spiritual disruption to my family’s existence placed very ancient spirit beings in confinement and took away their liberty; my family was trapped. It tried relentlessly to stop my coming into the world right from the start. Even when my mother was in labour, she had to walk across a flooded creek to get in the car on the other side to take her to the nearest hospital, 67 km away. On the way to the hospital, a tree fell across the road and blocked the car. My mother had to wait for an ambulance; then, she gave birth to me in the hospital basement, the segregated ward for Aboriginal mothers. My Grandmother told me the nurses did not attend the Aboriginal women until the baby was born. They were left alone in the dark.

The Bible is clear the Mowi will be destroyed after it endures the torture fitted out and will be in agony. It stole my babies from a spiritual realm they should not have entered into. And disturbed the realm of the dead that Gran and I fix. The Mowi, aka Satan, aka the devil, has done untold damages causing and subjecting to the natural life of plants and animals to humans to be enslaved people for Satanic family the Illuminati to indulge in sadistic, debauchery and sodomy of children and babies and defy all laws of the land. Not anymore. We know what you do at a satanic ritual in sacrificed children; we know how you turn around the facts and distort the actual view that God All-Father, WOO-Pa-RA-Yo-wuh, brings suffering and misery in the world. At the same time, you stay hidden in a “cloak” and become the biggest lie that you don’t exist. Gran and I will hound you along with my family, who have blood on their hands for the torture endured by your hands.

The Mowi maby is a supernatural being but no match for us. It is getting sloppy and desperate. There is no way out of the trouble you have caused in the physical and spiritual worlds. Gran and I fought your demonic army and won; it will be no different when the time comes for you to get the final death blow from me, Bugal Wena, All-Mother. The world will witness your destruction and end your satanic regime on earth.

Satanic Influences Human Life
– Dead Meat –

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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