The Aboriginal Creation Lore website is accurate, the truth and nothing but the truth. We have put the evidence of cosmic foul play to the world’s natural history and the evidence to Out of Australia Theory. The “Albino”, Illuminati, created a fake account and a hoax of their so-called version. With the actual history destroyed, there was a timeframe from the late 17th and early 20th century; archeologists owned by the Illuminati destroyed the original artefacts in Egypt by removing the most prominent feature of a black person, their nose. Also created Albino Egyptians to support their Darwin Theory of the white, male and only origins of homo sapiens.

It was during these times the ET originated. I never looked into much; however, one of the stories caught my eye, so I investigated. Zechariah Sitchen’s Theory claims Alien Ancient Astronauts from the planet Nibiru are the Anunnaki Alien Gods of Egypt. Taking pieces of historical fact, which is distorted, to begin with, the ancient Egyptians themselves regarded the era of the Gods as actual history and not a myth. I could not read the information any. Further, it was far too detailed in the account. How can such evidence be presented in a story that does not exist?

The Ngarakbul Githabul Bootheram records our ancient connections with Cairo, Lisbon, Paris and London. The Ngarakbul Githabul people were the first on earth and retained their Bootheram Lore. Origine culture and conceptualisation situate themselves in an ever-moving passage between two planes of being, unlike many today’s world religions who reject the physical world and sensual experience favouring transcendental or ideal states. Origine spirituality considers the desirable understanding of the physical world the only means to realise the metaphysical creative powers’ truth, beauty, and reality. In contrast to western thinking, there is no categories or word in the Origine language for an intermediate position between the super-reality of the Archetypal Bootheram Dreamtime epochs and the actual physical world. There is no word or concept in Origine language for fiction, fantasy or personal imagination. Something that does not occur or is not perceived in the tangible physical is a lie, pure and simple. Any story that does not directly refer to real perceptions or the Bootheram Dreamtime stories is considered deceitful or just plain silly.

Thousands upon thousands of people are led up the garden path through the alien fraud. And the Covid fraud continues. The Mowi is very desperate; it knows its time is up, and he can not win. We had some satanic interference on our website, and yesterday we had an intruder in my home. Once the Hounds of Hell is released, anytime, the Mowi will be on the “run.” Aboriginal Creation Lore speaks on behalf of all humanity who have become the Mowi victims.

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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