Art of Lies and Deceit

Aboriginal Creation Lore finds the actual depth of evilness of the Mowi, itself, an abomination. The hoax reality of today with a fabricated, distorted and fake history direction plan of doom, which is relatively recent in our timescales. The Illuminati, the family of Satan, is the by-product and actual the because of human suffering and misery of our modern times. The sickness or diseased mind of the Mowi fully matured in the elite minority in the world, including celebrities who openly display allegiance with Satan and are pivotal to seduction, conceit and immorality that are the trademark of the Mowi who has absolutely “NO GROUNDS” to continue to hurt the children. It left its calling card in a grave, a Satanic ritual, of the nuclear family we are born into. It is unnatural in the original context of a “domestic” setting.

Origine society is aware of incestuous relationships that weakens not only the fabric of morality of society but weaken the human bloodlines, causing, over time, unbalanced, unhealthy and unnatural defects of nature prevalent in today’s society. The Mowi has “studied the laboratories of nature.” and understood the ‘heart of man, using its inherent supernatural powers to create a system of living far removed from the original plan. Boys and girls, upon reaching puberty, were separated from their childhood dependencies of their parents to undergo lifelong initiations learning the sacred secrets of Bootheram, or, Dreamtime including how to conduct behaviour accordingly with people as the original pattern of kinship lore directs. These Lore of living come from the stars and are very old.

The “Albino” structure of society of today manufactured the plan of the Mowi to implement its desired evil character and traits stamped onto the human race by immoral, wrong, sodomy, illicit, seductive behaviours derived from “household” arrangements in a fixed societal structure and destroyed the ancient traditions of marital agreements previously set down previous in semi-nomadic clans, once global, to the Matristic Starlore Skinlore cultures. Albinism is a disease and proof behind racism caused hate crimes.

The Illuminati, over three centuries since the formation of the Freemason in 1717, perfected the plan of the Mowi. It is said, the devil is a liar and the father of it. Need there be more to add. The whole of the civilised world has succumbed to the Illuminati influences in every facet of our modern-day existence, which found its roots in the occult. Satan worship. All newfound evidence that does not fit the Illuminati devised Darwinian evolution theory vanish, and authentic artefacts that predate the Darwinian story is rare or hidden away from genuine researchers whose hypothesis, through genetics, dismiss the false and very fake theory of Charles Darwin in 1859. How convenient for the Illuminati to “ownership” of the planet very early on. The Origine DNA contains all the seven strands of the world’s peoples through MtDNA, matrilineal descent. And, the current coronavirus fraud is all DNA restructure. Pathology all medical institutes are controlled by the Illuminati. Also, I stated in previous blogs Aboriginal Creation Lore does not discriminate against people of skin colour or ethnicity; every soul on earth are a victim of the particular few numbers at the very top. The fall down is a long way. The Illuminati empire is crumbling.


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