Metaphysical Bloodlines

Despite the invasion and settlement of Australia, the massacres in the Macleay Valley (my mother country) that began in 1841 to the late 1860s, my lineages preserved. My father comes from Githabul in Grandfather Ancestral estate, north coast NSW. His father was a Githabul Ngarakbul man. Ngarakbul is Grandmother Ancestral estate of the ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent. My parents family’s marriage arrangements are identical, and a match is made in heaven. I am “Purebred.” our bloodlines spread backward through millennia, connecting not only to human ancestry but also to the Totem lines of the plants and animals and the metaphysical creative beings. A totemic species enters a person life at conception. I have nine. I inherent my totemic species essence and their psychological and emotional traits, behaviours and characteristics, also I possess their metaphysical attributes.

The moment when maternal Grandfather gave me the Totem of the “Ginnikin.” (Australian Willy Wagtail), my “strong eye.” was activated, and I went over thirty years into the future in spirit to a location somewhere in my mother Tribe. I was five years old. I found out thirty years later it was maternal Grandfather birthplace at Lower Creek, NSW. My spiritual Grandfather gave me the original Dreamtime story of the ‘ Ginnikin in a book. I remember his presence well in my childhood. He gave me the Redback Spider Totem with all her hunting traits and the spiders’ most sophisticated web. Maternal Grandmother gave me the Totem for the Kookaburra, a powerful Totem related to ‘ the light.

The Mowi, aka the devil, aka Satan, understands the effective powers of blood and spirit in heredity, creating a lineage of his own invested with its seed and energy. Satan blessed twelve bloodlines in mockery and imitation of God’s twelve tribes. The thirteenth Satanic bloodline was instilled with the direct source of Satan and was copied after the lineage of Jesus Christ, who they claim had a wife and children so they would not only carry Christ’s blood but also of that with his son Lucifer. These families are secretive with their genealogies, but all families are tied into the occult. The families of Satan rule the world.

The Albino practised “black magic.” and were chosen by the Mowi to be his elite. Among the fighting, throngs against the Black people were demonic influences. These entities gave rise and power to the Albino takeover of the world was so rapid and brutal. The evidence provides a timeline to the expulsion of the original Black Kings and Albino takeover. After the Albino Victory and establishment of the Albino rulership, the Albino, now caucasian, set sights on the invasion of the world. The establishment of the Masonic Lodge in London in 1717 soon realised their potential powers and initiated the NWO for their god Lucifer. Aboriginal Creation Lore aware of the Masonic influenced people’s lives through education structured to the Masonic ideals, the stronghold of economic influences, religious persuasion, profiting on wars, sickness, and disease the Illuminati create. They own and control the scientific and academic communities and push their theory of evolution (Charles Darwin 1859). Those in these Satanic families, what human remains are not of interest to Aboriginal Creation Lore. We are tracking the Mowi; it knows me and tried in all its efforts to prevent my coming into the world. It is the first prophecy in Genesis and Revelation. It knows the inevitable end of its reign soon

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
Genesis: chapter 3 verse 15

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