The Other Side

Aboriginal Creation Lore takes time to decide those people who will be placed on the “other side.” It is also a term used in the mental health units where patients are “caged.” privileges are taken away, and patients are locked in their bedrooms overnight and released when breakfast is served. Staff threatens patients to the ‘ other side, who stand up for their rights.

It is not the intention of Aboriginal Creation Lore to offend or hurt the feelings of fair-skinned people. We will use the ancient term Albino.

Gran, Warrazum, the ancient grandmother Rainbow Serpent and myself investigating a global cover-up to the 13 Illuminati family bloodlines and their link to the Mowi, two families in Australia who arrived in the First Fleet in 1788. The Freemasonic Lodge was formed in 1717. Let us go back in history to the “Thirty Years” 1618 – 1648, the war in Europe and the British “Civil Wars.” 1642 – 1651.

During Medieval times, Britain and Europe were teeming with Black Nobility. Albino is an ancient text to describe babies of Black people born with fair skin. The history of the Albino is relatively recent. The evidence clearly states there was no Albinos in Europe. The wars in Europe and Britain were race wars. Information and the evidence say that White people are merely the Albino to the Black people. Albinism is a disease.

All the data and “common sense” clearly shows that White Europeans are the “fixed” Albinos of the original Black Indians [Dravidians] of India, who moved further north to central Asia. The evidence clearly indicates that the Dravidian Albino interbred among themselves, giving rise to the “NEW White Race.” [when Albino’s mate with other Albinos, they can only produce more Albinos] at some point, the Albinos decided to head further north. They found a pass through the Hindu Kush mountain range, now called “The Khyber Pass” they passed through it and entered grasslands [Steppes] of central Asia where they settled.

Coloured ovals indicates the original lands and culture areas [all in Asia] of the Dravidian Albinos [Albinos of the pure Black Indians]: the modern European

It is not known why the first Albinos left central Asia. Perhaps they rightly thought themselves powerful and were bent on conquest. Passages in the Rig Veda suggests this; it also betrays a deep dislike for Blacks. It took the Aryans many hundreds of years to master written language. Whatever the initial cause or reason for leaving central Asia to India and Europe – later Turkey and the Middle East, within 2,000 years, [1,500 BC to 500 AD] All the millions of Albino [Caucasion] peoples left. The Albino progression into India was an aggressive war that raged in middle earth. And is recorded in our Bootheram Dreamtime stories. Over 1,000 years later, the central Asian Albinos headed west into Europe in this modern era. This time, chased out of Asia by the Mongols. The rising sea levels between India and the Australian continent save us from the first invasion of the Albino.

This brings us to the ‘ Thirty Year War in Europe and the British ‘ Civil Wars. The Albino killed most of the Black European Nobility. According to the Albino fraudulent history, the Civil Wars in Britain records the war between Parliamentarians and King Edward I, a Black Royal who was executed in 1649. The remaining Black people were killed and Slavery for most of the rest. Since the Albino ascension to dominance a few centuries ago, assert THEY are the highest forms of evolution, perpetuated further by Charles Darwin theory on the Evolution of Species in 1859.

In 112 years since the Albino “stole” the Black Ancient families Royal Bloodlines, the Freemasonic was established. And thus began the 13 Illuminati family bloodlines. The Albino campaign of world domination is controlled by these families today. Aboriginal Creation Lore has images of the patriarchal cult and their names. Thomas Freeman and David Collins established Australia’s order upon hitting the shoreline, the two Australian founding Masonic leaders. Aboriginal Creation Lore is aware a contract was signed to genocide the Aborigines within thirty years. We know who is involved in creating the agreement. We don’t know who signed it yet but know a person who does. The Albino families involvement in today’s current global crises and those names on the list will be going to the “Other Side.” the Dead of those family members come back Alive. All peoples from all nations are dying. Genocide of Humanity stop.

The association of the New World Order 1829 in Western Australia

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