Time Keepers

The moon vibration, waxing crescent, created a “positive.” beat on 6 January 2022. Good fortune ahead, a positive turn for good. The world needs miracles to break free of tyranny and dissolve the ‘ administrative “control.” and bondage of human slavery. The “planacide” uncovered persuasively undeniable proof of the ‘ manslaughter of humanity, the fraudulent ‘ coronavirus. I did more research, the deeper I found the catastrophic depth of insanity unchecked, at the point of no return. Nothing can hide the inevitable truth to the surface of “mass destruction.” the crime of unlawful world population control has been around for some time.

The Aboriginal Creation Lore constitutes the higher Lore outside and above earthly jurisdiction Universal ‘ accountability. We know when, how and why the inhabitants of earth subjugation persists; the mental faculties lose bearing, slipping into oblivion where it can go no further. All trace of humanity ‘ obliterated.

The depravity is far beyond lust for power and vanity, a proven satanic trait. How could those involved in genocide and are war criminals believe that it could get away with murder in the first degree? The ‘ criminally insane. The universal higher powers delegate me to bear the condemnation of ‘ legalised homicide. Retribution, Reciprocity and Revenge for infraction of the Bootheram Dreamtime natural Lore are the only means to restore cohesion and balance and return the harmonic universe’s rhythmic ebb and flow to the original settings. The due ledger is balanced.

A Memorable Moment Captured in time and Space

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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