True Life Reborn

Aboriginal Creation Lore is very understanding of the nature of humanity. All people are born innocent—the “structures and systems” in place doom people to failure. The fabricated lie of today’s existence humans believe, since birth, has always been the same since their great-grandmothers. We will try to explain the difference. In Origine’s cultural beliefs, lore,Continue reading “True Life Reborn”

Bring Back Life

Aboriginal Creation Lore blog and website is the official authority on the earth bestowed by the Highest Order of the Creator Spirit, Pronounced WOO-PA-Ra-Yo-wuh and the High 24 Celestial Elders. The conflict between good and evil on my good Earth continues unabated. Gran (Ancient Grandmother, Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent), and I have been in spiritualContinue reading “Bring Back Life”

The Destruction Of Innocence

Aboriginal Creation Lore, Granny (the Rainbow Serpent), and I, All-Mother God are the last bastion of truth remaining on the earth. The Illuminati, the family of the Mowi, aka the devil, satan, and the worldwide governments they “own” have begun the murder of babies via the death jab, coronavirus vaccine. We are dedicating our blogsContinue reading “The Destruction Of Innocence”

Darwin versus The Dreaming

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution- the creation story accepted for almost two hundred years by western civilization – is only a story. While Darwin and his proponents claimed to have “proved” his theory, it can not be scientifically tested. Nevertheless, Darwinism grew into an unquestioned scientific and academic orthodoxy. It has become the paradigm, or, lens.Continue reading “Darwin versus The Dreaming”

New Natural World Order

Aboriginal Creation Lore is the official voice of the earth and its creatures. For those people who have subscribed to our site, we will continue to blog daily as we move into the New Heaven on the Earth. Aboriginal Creation Lore believes the genuine value and worth of ONE soul are not compared, in theContinue reading “New Natural World Order”