The Remnant Kingdom

Across the continent of Terra Australis, the original peoples have gathered in peace on the steps of the old parliament house in Canberra to reclaim our ‘ Sovereign lands and waters stolen and claimed in 1788 by the British Empire, Terra Nullius, from peaceful people knew ‘ no sin. After compiling ethnographic data, the colonial authorities soon realised a similar dialect spoken throughout the land by the natives.

“All the Tribes from Nerang to the Clarence spoke variations of the great “Yoocum-Yoocum” dialect [Yoocumbah],  which went west to New England and down to the head of the Condamine at Warwick,  where it joined the Wacca-Wacca of the Darling Downs”…Metson 1894

For Classic Invasion rationalisation, after collecting the data on the Origine’Tribes,  this specific east coast location [Tweed Coast] was strategically chosen as the state borders of New South Wales and Queensland by the Commonwealth forefathers to effectively ‘divide and conquer’ the Yoocum-Yoocum Aboriginal moiety – through administration’– deftly eradicating their old-world lore’ by drawing a line on a map where no line had ever been before ……Right through the beginning of the Rainbow Serpent Culture of Australia… it effectively crushes the serpent’s head. Crushing the serpent’s head, creating a domino effect dispersing the matristic Skinlore, Kinships and ‘connections-to-country’ right the way across the continent with one killer blow.” Whatever happened to the Yookum Yookum, and why did no Bundjalung Nation exist in Colonial times. From Cultural Starlore Author and Lecturer Stella Starlore.

The colonial and current governments knew what they were doing. For over 230 years, the Origine’ massacred, poisoned, raped, relocated from ancestral lands, forced removal of babies and children from their family herded onto government reserves and monitored by white mission managers, restricted movement [unless you hold a permit referred to as “dog tags”], classified as Flora and Fauna and the continued genocide of cultural identity and heritage. In 1993, Eddie Mabo proved in the High Court that the Origine and Torres Strait peoples Land Language and Lore was linked and already established in our belief systems dictated by the Stars.

The patriarchal government panicked, amending Native Title claims with a deliberate strategy creating the “patriarchal devised” Local Aboriginal Lands Council to administer the claims process. which had no legitimate connection-to-country, renaming and changing geospatial records making traditional ownership impossible to prove. To disprove the Matristic Starlore culture being the first people made here by the creator spirit, adopted the ‘ Three Brothers migration story and recognised in academic literature and studies as the official account of the Origine people in Australia it fabricated the “Bundjalung Nation” fraud to legitimise the false and misleading Ancestral heritage of the first people, the Ngarakbul Githabul clans dismissed entirely from the east coast records.

It is the end of the corporate government dictatorship creating an incarcerated nation. The Origine people make up less than 1% of the population yet have the highest incarceration of black people in the world. The corrupt governance genocide of the cultural heritage and identity have a price to pay. The NIAA (National Indigenous Australia Agency) was notified by official post intention of the Origine’ absolute right to be granted Sovereignty with a deadline or grave consequence. Sovereign peoples with Sovereign elders vigilant and are standing ground at old parliament house. We will no longer tolerate dominating government control and loss of Human Rights. The authorities violate Grandmother Lore of Warrazum, the Rainbow Serpent ancient Grandmother.

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