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The evilness of the human mind has no boundaries. The Higher Order of the Universe has taken careful considerations into account to those people who hold power and influence in the world determine the fate of humanity demise. There was a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G technology, the 5th generation internet radio spectrum frequency that enables mobile phones and intelligent devices to function with much faster processing abilities. With the introduction of AI [Artificial Intelligence] and the internet “of things,” cars, home, electricity will all be on a ‘ smart grid. The 5G frequency is very high, just below the classification of a weapon. 5G is ten times faster than 4G.

What is the relevance?

When the 5G frequency connects with the human body, it causes cell poisoning. Because of this frequency, it is effectively radiation the human body fights radiation of cell poisoning. The frequency and power of 5G react adversely with human cells causing cells in the body to be poisoned and toxic. The human body natural defence mechanisms are pushing out that toxicity in the form of a virus; it is not Coronavirus per se but cell poisoning. All that is occurring in the world is the reaction to the human body and the electrification of the universe. 5G towers, 5G satellites 5G cells are being populated worldwide. This is what is causing the pandemic. It is a virus produced by cell poisoning; therefore, it is a measure or indication of our cells excreting toxins. The authorities tried to cover it up. Because it has flu-like symptoms, they use the Coronavirus to hide the fact.

People are dying from the 5G frequency.

It takes six months for 5G to impact the human body. The level of 5G in countries like China, Spain and Italy have high death rates because it is densely populated with 5G most cities around the world have rolled out 5G. The Coronavirus is not killing people, but clearly, categorically, unequivocally and scientifically proven that the radio frequencies we are exposed to are what’s killing the people.

There are multiple agendas. Primarily 5G is the only network with the speed to handle the future run by AI, the “internet of things.” where everything is interconnected. The introduction of new global currencies and technology can not be reversed, and we are happy to sacrifice millions of lives worldwide.

The world has had three pandemics to accentuate the point in the last 120 years. The first was in 1918, called the Spanish Flu, when authorities implemented radio waves globally and increased the electrification of the universe; millions died six months later from the pandemic. After World War two was another pandemic the implementation of radar equipment globally. Satellites went up and placed in the Van Halen Belt. The last major pandemic was in 1968, the Hong Kong Flu. The authorities rolled out over 100,000 satellites in the Van Halen Belt transmitting radar signals in the cosmic field. These caused pandemics.

So guess what’s happening now? And the authorities are covering it up in the name of the Coronavirus.

The virus is deliberately spread through testing give the virus to people to cover up what is really happening. Primarily Lucerferian Satanic. The vaccine consists of substances that “perpetuate” the human body response to be more powerfully ‘ charged to the signals and enable a more effective reaction to the human body. Ultimately, we are electromagnetic energy.

The Game plan.

The new order has commenced. The vaccine comes with a tracking device called an RFI chip, a microchip with catastrophic impacts inserted simultaneously as the vaccine to track those who are not vaccinated and deemed a threat to humanity. Coronavirus does not exist in the context of killing people and is a means to justify where the agenda is heading.

Global digital currency. The new era of the Mark of the Beast. It is real, it is here, it is now. A new level of monopoly. Streamline everything from food to electronics bring in the new ‘ Blockchain currency we can not access unless we prove we are no longer a threat to humanity and vaccination will become mandatory. Disrupt entirely the fabric of society as we know it.

The ‘ new order will not dictate their ‘ plans on my planet’s body. We have limited time. The earth is dying, and expect a society controlled by a chip to carry their dreams into a future. As the All-Mother God/Earth supporting the lives of seven billion people, I doubt Mowi’s agenda will get far.

Title- Mowi

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