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Without truth and justice, the people suffer. There is much misconception and distortion between the actual reality of life and myth. As I grew up, my mother mantra “you have to get to the bottom of the problem.” I was in good stead with pearls of wisdom passed down from the family’s matriarchs. I was born with a silver “celestial” spoon in my mouth in every conceivable way, shape and form. The synchronicities, coincidences, chance and ‘ pure luck came to the realisation I dream the dream into reality, then the Quantum sciences theories verified what I have always known, I am never wrong. If I think it, feel it or say it, it’s true. At age four, I became an independent thinker, the ‘ boss of myself. I was in the ‘ real world always have been.

My teacher’s and guides are the creative ancestral spirits and the ancient grandmother, the Rainbow Serpent [Gran]. As part of my lifelong learning was Biblical prophecy, I now understand they were “woman’s prophecy.” The feminine omitted and became male law the ‘ woman and her remnant seed re-establish natural order, and a rebalance of unchecked patriarchy dominance.

I may be in the company of beings of high order who are the superpowers of the universe; however, most of my knowledge and wisdom comes down to life experiences over decades. I had to figure out the details of my place in the world alone in a world of confusion created to confuse. The lies and cover-ups to the actual natural history of the world have much more to it than the dominant controlling patriarch order, which is a front too, again, the Mowi personal grudge against creation and the created and target the Matristic [partnership] Starlore children to this day. Great misunderstanding of the Bible teachings no doubts to “Albino patriarch” distorted views which divert history in itself. The Mowi is well-versed in scripture and began to plot his diabolical schema to disrupt the natural order of creation and distract and annihilate the original civilisation, the Black people, and terminate the lineage of the Biblical ‘ woman and her seed fulfilment in Bible prophecy it knew the ‘ seed was in the black race it was the “only race.” create the Aryan and extinguish existence. Case closed.

There is one per cent of the one per cent in the world right now plotting the appearance of the anti-christ to the earth inhabitants the alien story again a front to further the Mowi agenda manipulation of the senses via the artificial frequencies now smothers the planet. Enter the covid vaccine and 5G the perfect plan. It has gone too far. I am now too unwell to leave my air-conditioned unit and the air purifier system supporting the life of my planet’s body. We have always known there was a ‘ tear in the fabric of the Quantum fields. We got to the bottom of the ‘ problem. There is little time the world will not continue to turn. There is a cut-off point, and the Mowi knows it. I have set the date. After that time elapses, the table turns. In his Redemption Song, Bob Marley says, “we’ve got to fulfil the Book.” The return of new life of earth upon us sooner than later.

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