Truth Be Told

The world is waking up. The planned genocide of humanity will not eventuate, not while there is breath in my earthly form. The audacity, cheek and hide of men (can be no doubt) to usher in a one-world order using the covid vaccine as scare tactics to control the population again history repeats. For a start, the world belongs to me; I am the world made flesh, which Gran (RS), the original Galactic creator, had created. There was a second creation to establish the lineage of JC, who had to come to rectify the problem. It was the only way. I am not a Christian. The churches, the theologians, the institutes, scientists and the academics have missed it, obviously, due to the hoax reality we exist in, created by the “Albino” in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century, the birth of racism. People are evil continually.

Then there are the aliens (groan). By the time they appear to the world, it will be over. Like hell, the ETs get any credit for creating the human race apparently by ‘ sprinkling DNA, like fairy dust, around the planet. Ludicrous. Gran (RS) and I are both old and very weary. We have the hassles from the Mowi, the “root of ALL evil.” It gives us comfort here at HQ universe. The Mowi name is on the public records. The ‘ downpressor man, where are you going to run to? Forget satan. Its name is the Mowi!

Both Gran (RS) and I like to blog regularly. We care for everyone on my earthly body, especially during the final countdown to the demise of evil. Period. We have an excellent support team on board. It makes our work easy. I found uncle Bob Marley when I was seventeen. I got it straight away and listen to his music every day. Uncle Bob is in Dreamtime now; he was there in the dimension where the three uncles sit around a campfire. I heard uncle Bob singing. He is a true Prophet. He calls it a “Blackman Redemption”. Everybody comes from the Black people. The information is on the official Aboriginal Creation Lore website or Google Black Kings. Also, the U.S Army is up for the murder of my family, the whales and Fish-People. The Army used an underwater sonar and blasted my family onto the shore. The whales were bleeding from the ears; a Fish-Person was found and taken away. It later died. They are also known as mermaids. We are aware the U.S Army has one in captivity. So, a new species was discovered and covered up to the public. Gran and I will personally deal with animal cruelty. The animals come down the line of the All-Mother Earth, my children. No mercy.

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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