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I live on the QLD NSW Bordertown of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta, the gateway to the Gold Coast. The Bootheram creation stories of the most coveted Real Estate in Australia are intact. The Tweed Coast is the beginning of the ‘ Alcheringa – the time before time. The Dreamtime. Also, the ancestral estate of Warrazum, the ancient Grandmother Rainbow Serpent. The invader’s wreak havoc on significant geophysical places connected to the earth arteries channels energy lines, and is the backbone that keeps people alive. Gran and I are built to the last one can only look back in the previous twelve months with the first blog 26 November 2020 – New Earth Birth. Events transpire to significant effect worldwide. I choose not to be vaccinated for the covid virus. I rarely leave my home.

Back to the subject of the geographical landscape before it is dismantled and taken apart.

Gran (RS) has always known. The time of her place is archaic always was and forever will. People are smart and do their research; you know that the NWO is just around the corner. I have technical “issues” when working. I know the cause of the problem is metaphysical. I need to leave my workstation for a while until technical support fixes it. I work with the universal best of any order. One day many years ago, there was an earth shift. I saw the water in the Macleay River NSW, jumping up and down; the Macleay River is Australia’s most ancient river. It is in my mother country and flows from the mountains to the Pacific ocean. Excellent. I could see the powers deep within the womb of the All-Mother Earth hidden, waiting.

I have been in constant ‘ streams of consciousness since I was in nappies. Gran (RS) whispered to me to wake up while swimming in the creek. Children can still access the spiritual realms of the spirits until their puberty, then begin years of the initial stages as they grow. Birds are born twice. First as an egg, then a chick. Born again of the magic “come back” waters of Nulla Nulla Creek. Having the magical properties to draw people home. The legend also tells the same for our sacred mountain Burrell Bullai – Watch Over You – There is a peculiar and ancient feel to this place where I was born a second time. It will be revealed at the right time. I know the country is old and hold many secrets.

The Encyclopedia Britannica did not appear out of an explosion in a book factory. The same is said for the appearance of the physical world. The Great plan for the spirit of the earth no afterthought. With so many false theories on the origins of life, the reality of existence blurs. The human mind has been manufactured by dominant male systems, which have bought humanity to its knees and on the brink of destruction. My earthly body grows weaker each day. I know we are coming into the hot summer months, my last. My children, the animals and plants are kept comfortable through my physical human body. I stay relaxed and comfortable, so will be animals and plants also the Yowie people. My family.

I move with connected people who wise up to world events taking place right now. They may have an agenda for a one-world order, but they fail to see a planet needed to implement their diabolical plans to blot humanity. The program will backfire as it always does. Meanwhile, the criminal patriarchal governance of Australia has sent in the army to the Origine’ communities in the Northern Territory to relocate the people from their homes and forced vaccinations on children eleven years and up. War Crimes. The Australian administration has a deadline of 31 December. There is going to be a massive ‘ shakeup on the earth. People need to have a belief system in place.

The relocation of people from their homes will be in effect worldwide. This is my world and the owner of wildlife and plant life. No thought whatsoever goes into their welfare. The male-dominate world governments are more concerned with paying billions of dollars on missions to ‘ outer space. These space trips come about due to mankind’s gross negligence and indifference to human life and every living species. There is no ‘ outer space. The scientist and scholars time is up.

Payback is the bitch. Me. Hell knows no fury like woman wrath. I will push my weight around and show the males who are the bosses of planet earth. It is a woman’s world. Without mothers, there would be no life.

Two way ticket to Life

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