The Remnant Kingdom

Across the continent of Terra Australis, the original peoples have gathered in peace on the steps of the old parliament house in Canberra to reclaim our ‘ Sovereign lands and waters stolen and claimed in 1788 by the British Empire, Terra Nullius, from peaceful people knew ‘ no sin. After compiling ethnographic data, the colonialContinue reading “The Remnant Kingdom”

How It Works

The evilness of the human mind has no boundaries. The Higher Order of the Universe has taken careful considerations into account to those people who hold power and influence in the world determine the fate of humanity demise. There was a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G technology, the 5th generation internet radio spectrum frequencyContinue reading “How It Works”

Mastermind Agenda

Without truth and justice, the people suffer. There is much misconception and distortion between the actual reality of life and myth. As I grew up, my mother mantra “you have to get to the bottom of the problem.” I was in good stead with pearls of wisdom passed down from the family’s matriarchs. I wasContinue reading “Mastermind Agenda”

Too Much Monkey Business

I live on the QLD NSW Bordertown of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta, the gateway to the Gold Coast. The Bootheram creation stories of the most coveted Real Estate in Australia are intact. The Tweed Coast is the beginning of the ‘ Alcheringa – the time before time. The Dreamtime. Also, the ancestral estate of Warrazum,Continue reading “Too Much Monkey Business”