Healing Earth

I work with beautiful healers. My chiropractor is also a Kinesiologist, and my physiotherapist accomplishes significant inroads in the well-being of my mental and physical states. Given the right conditions, the human body can heal. I have cured myself of sickness, including gallstones, utilising visualisation with colours and direct dialogue with the body area that needs your attention. I learned a Gestalt therapy technique that can tap into the intelligence within every cell in our physical body. I have an understanding relationship between my form of the flesh and the state of the health of the world. The two are the same and inseparable. As my health improves, so does the planet—the animals and plants benefits.

I’m not mobile as I was. However, my mental state is actively involved in the ongoing.’ Dreaming of the Seed. As we move forward across time and space, the Divine consciousness manifests itself in our lives today. Time is short. My earthly body is unable to tolerate the heat. I suffer from allergies to the air now polluted. There are light-bearers around the world—prayer warriors to the earth, mother. The Sacred Earth Chakra points were visited, and the locations of each Chakra were balanced and cleared through prayer and rituals. Almost every earthly place has been set up millennia past. These geographic locations are centred on an earth energy line. I feel these ‘ sore spots. There is maintenance work in progress to rectify the damage caused by ‘ otherworldly influence.

There is still the matter of ‘ ghost pollution. People who are not supposed to be here, and there are many, do not have a spiritual abode for the spirit of the dead to enter therealm of the dead. There are unique spirits who deal with wavering ghosts who haunt the living. The time I was escorted to a Chinese ghost den earlier in the year, I saw the nature of the dead. It was like a seedy nightclub in that place. I also realise now why I went there. To retrieve a relative who was in the wrong place. I watched as two spirits led her away through a hallway to the back of the ghost den. The person who I had to identify was unaware she was dead. I felt sad for days but knew the person’s spirit made it to the Origine’ realm of the dead and now rests in peace. How it got to Chinatown in London is cause for suspicion. Gran (RS) and I cleaned up the realm of the dead. Years ago. We know what goes on in the ethereal/ spirit world.

There are ‘ helpful spirit attendants. Beware; many are impersonate to lead souls away from the truth. I referred to the point in the blog post, Chaos in the Realms of the Spirits. Cleaning up the spirit world was new to all the family. We are all on top of it. We have a thousand miles radius of protection. The demonic nature is ‘ masked. These entities camouflage in the walls. The efforts to restore order in all places are worth the blood, sweat, and tearsa lifetime achievement.

It is done business!

Preserve the Beauty

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