Mission Accomplished

I said what needs to be known, and I have it in writing. It took me three years to realise I was the only one capable of putting together a website and a blog site. I am dreaming as I go along, the fruits of my long hard labour pay off. I had to wait over fifty years until a time and place would be made for this time, now. The half-century marks my entrance to the present tense. It’s been a smooth transition up to this level of consciousness, more clarity, and more peaceful as the bigger picture emerge from my Dreaming.

The fullness of time comes. There is no more room for movement. As the earth in the flesh and bone, I am weary, but life in this time and place of the time-space continuum near the end. Humans live like there’s no tomorrow and believe the planet will continue to turn on for people to live out their fantasies. Little to no thought given to the world that was made ‘flesh and garb in the flesh of humanity the life principles of creation herself. The Seed, the Genesis to the new design of the world, lowly and meek one now older wiser, well overdue for a ‘makeover to see infinity roll on and on.

I have made a deadline of 31 December. After that date lapsed, I hope to be resting in peace. As the ‘devil bounty hunter, I don’t get much peace. I am dealing with a machine that never sleeps and is the original hell-bent, hell-bent. There is nothing Gran (RS), and I can’t handle it. We have been in the spiritual war of Armageddon for five decades against demonic forces. The ‘Christian fraternity who believe they have evil worked out are being played like a fiddle by the Mowi and is using them to push his agenda constantly.

I like to post a blog regularly now I must. The situation in my world is dismal and going nowhere. Also, I am the.’ Mother of Earth and her creatures, my given totemic skin name Bugal Wena means Caring and Sharing the quintessence of all relationships between human groups and the natural world. Naturally, I offer hope.

I am always everywhere at the right time. I am in sync with time itself, the timekeeper. There is no time as at the moment it’s 12.57 am. Time doesn’t exist; it is the rest period after the dark sets. Living on ‘Koori time is living as you go along no time. I am also concerned for people everywhere. I had to accept I couldn’t save everyone. The barriers in place make it impossible. I hope just one person can move on to the next level of consciousness on the new Earth. Keep safe, everyone.

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I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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