I’m starting to remember ‘ stuff from the history of my natural world. I mentioned in a previous post, Real History, I lost a reservoir of memories due to the damage to an artery leading from the Southern Hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, also a planetary songline. The world was full of natural health herbs and abundant in every conceivable Earth tonic to the human race essential needs. There was no shortage of therapeutic herbs.

The problem exists today with billions of people who have become dependent on pharmaceutical companies to alleviate and provide artificial health maintenance. The plan was hatched a millennium ago and had obtained the desired outcome of the billions of dollars made on profits from the sickness humanity created. There is a reference to the fact in the Book of Hebrews in the Old Testament and mentions Pharmacia plays a final function in the world’s misery. Hmm, it was the foreseeable future, and I wonder what, or instead, who could hatch such a diabolical plan to rape the world for all the necessary natural resources available to the human race.

And the plot thickens! Origine’ traditional society allowed shamanistic and psychedelic experiences to blend with, enhance and uphold the full expression of life. So the war on drugs is instigated on unknown to the inhabitants of the world than through the propaganda machine of the government’s of the day natural induced experience in states of elevated awareness illegal. When in its natural state, beneficial on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of existence. So, then sedentary lifestyles perpetuate and compound the solution to en mass sickness and diseases, creating the term medical care of General Practitioners that spring up following the black plague of Europe with the introduction of penicillin to the public. Thus, it initiated the so-called civilised world. Hmm, was there a plague? There are so many lies in the natural history of my planet body the fake artwork and artefacts to account for the cover-up of the British Monarchs is undeniable and irrefutable proof of the length and depth of how low humanity can get when delusional.

Gran (RS) and I have nothing further to elaborate on the current catastrophic failure of putting trust in men (primarily) and deviation of the Lores to life and creation. We are old and tired of it rinsed and replaced by up and coming retrogrades to humans, who are not supposed to be here in the first place. Think about it, good people.


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