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The never-ending saga to the Mowi continues. Gran (RS) and I are dealing with a bonafide ‘ idiot hellbent on the destruction of my world, which plagued humanity with lies and cover-ups to the actual natural history of the Earth and people. As told by academics and scientists over the past two hundred years, the world’s natural history is grossly inaccurate and untrue. The Old World Keepers of the Rainbow Serpent Lore slated for extinction, but one remaining flicker, the ‘ Remnant of the very first religion on the planet, still burns in Australia. The Feathered Serpent Traditions to the Rainbow Serpent Lore, the original Galactic creator. The Ngarakbul Githabul dialect Warrazum the Ancient Grandmother Rainbow Serpent. These Lores are very old. And must NEVER CHANGE!! It is the LORE.
Written records do not indicate how long the Mowi is on Earth. Long enough to imprison ancient and very sacred spirit creatures and those of the spirit realms too. Grave violation beyond comprehension. I made records of the events in my blogs.
I am a Truth keeper of Goong – Spirit of Truth. It disturbs me much watching events play out in this country. The corruption in the Federal government, the banking and legal organisations in Australia is now public knowledge. Societies and Masonic orders were well developed and played a significant role in the corrupt order. It had to come to public notice sooner than later, and it is about Time these crooks pulled out for public scrutiny. The Time has Come Full Circle.

We are nearing the end of the Bootheram epoch. The Earths biological clock will tick into the new life. My thoughts ponder on the new life to come to a return to the paradise of Eden. The sacredness and beauty of nature will return and will be experienced; the six senses of humans will amplify to accentuate the natural world’s sensual pleasure beyond the imagination. Djurebil (sacred sites) remain. The location of my water birth is a holy place. These geographic locations will continue to hold the stories of the creation of the world and the Ancestral heroes.

Then there are the spirit beings and Dreamtime creatures who crossed my path in my long journey through life. Uncle Birdman and Uncle Frogman are my two favourites. I briefly saw them both in a ‘ flash vision. Uncle Birdman ‘photobombed my creative eye, and I saw Uncle Frogmam Moving. They are both dearly loved. I already exist on a spiritual plane within the entirety of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum. Infinite possibilities abound in the Dreaming by utilising the power of our thoughts is accessible. I began putting my Dream ‘ out to the Universe at age four; It is my Dreaming Story of the world united, and all the wrong people will be gone. The world’s animals and all creatures will be safe. I have read writings of the early settlers to my mother country and their description of the country before the onslaught of colonisation took it away. Thousands of different species of every nature, the birds, animal life and voluminous undergrowth of lush greenery wherever one looks, the scene is captured in a poetic serenade to nature. Beyond the conceivable mind, the new Earth will be in the further Bootheram Dreamtime continuum continuation.

Gran (RS) and I must say tie up loose ends to bring in a closure that meets a lot, and then it begins new again and for the final Time. The river has run its natural course of Time, and the result is abundantly clear. The higher Lore remain, the story written into the stars, incorruptible. Deviation from the natural Lores brings decay and entropy and destruction of the earth mother herself—love for the Earth and her creatures prerequisite for entry.

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  1. Aunty your on the money and yes it’s the end of this Epoch we need more truth tellers. I feel like you have said the truth the matriarchal link and stories have been suppressed. It’s refreshing to read the stories.

  2. I love reading and learning about your culture. Thank you Lyn, for sharing your wisdom, especially during these challenging changes and the uncovering of many lies told. This land I call home now is very special to me too and has helped me become the woman I am now. Forever grateful!

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