The domain of spiritual beings is everywhere. They’re in most places hidden in multi existence levels out of the human eye view—the true nature of the Bootheram Dreamtime spirits and creatures existing within an order according to the original pattern of Kinship Lore. The ordered life of reciprocal exchange, unconditional mutual respect, and reverence for – Goong – Spirit of Truth leave no room for error. It is also true that these unique creatures are securely happy with the social network and arranged support according to kinship tradition within their society. Above all, safe.

The interference with these unique spirits and creatures ‘ place took many years of non-stop hard work to fix it. Dreamtime Spirits have always been. The Dreaming creatures also go way back, before the appearance of the world. I met very ‘unique spirits not so long ago. They were the Fairy Emus.

The Fairy Emus came to me one night. I instinctively know the spirits or the creatures I encounter. I believe that this is the case with them also. For the most part, they visit me. The energies of the Fairy Emus is too beautiful to describe. The moment I tapped into their ‘ vibe, I lost my composure and cried uncontrollably. The Fairy Emus energy I have never felt before, and they are most sacred. Many spirits and creatures hide behind a veil of ‘ protection, like the Yowie people, who are natural creatures. The Yowie people are aware I think of them often. The Yowie people communicate with animals and are vegetarian. Also timid creatures.

In the new Dreaming, the secret creatures and spirit beings will come out of hiding and live among us; by then, the atmosphere will be different. The fresh air alone brings about euphoria on a natural oxygen-induced.’ high. The earth is undergoing maintenance work preparation for the rebirth and regeneration of new life. It will be a naturally occurring event.

Here at HQ, we do more than creating graphics and website content. We are actively involved in Origine’ affairs across the country, now administered by the People’s Treaty. If you want the job done correctly, do it yourself. We have sent correspondence to the appropriate administration parties of our intentions to establish Origine’ Sovereignty. The deadline for 31 December 2021. ACL is on schedule.

First Light

Published by Bugal Wena

I hold a goldmine of inherited cultural information and a direct connection between knowledge. Bugal Wena - Caring and Caring.

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