Enter the Dreaming

The last whole Moon was on schedule and in time with the eternal moment of Bootheram acting out its pre-destined trajectory of the Dreamtime continuum of this moment. We have been actively working on ‘ projects. We are temporary staff we have a helper more time to devote to our business of.’ Cleaning up.

If a micro-atom of energy is displaced, I will feel it move. I am a super-duper empath from Dreamtime. I found myself in the Quantum field recently; it’s in greyscale. It was a lead-up to understand the universe in the science of ‘ Sacred Geometry and mathematical patterns. I now appreciate Nicola Tesla theory of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, and the connection is present in everything in the universe. It also has a link to my sacred diagrams of the square and the circle. I have given the title of ‘ Conception. I had to wait until the time was right to understand better the two diagrams that I created eleven years apart and intrinsically linked to the sacred knowledge of the universe, known only to the All-Mother and All-Father God who are.’ one. It also disproves ETs of creating all things that cant apply to the images of aliens themselves. It does not add up. It will be on the website soon.

So who are the aliens? If you have been following my blog posts, you would be familiar with the Mowi. I have also referred to it on the ACL website. To the world, it’s known as the devil. The alarm bells should be ringing by now. It is not the same devil created by dogma to Christianity. It’s much more subtle, Gran (RS), and I know it’s every trick in the book. Lying is the trademark of its deformation and degeneration in its nature. To us, it’s a ‘ headache.

We are in a unique position right now on the cusp of the new Dreaming and regeneration, the re-establishment of humanity and the return of the sacredness and beauty of nature. All the hard work was done and secured all the boundaries. The blogsite is the creation of Gran (RS). She is clever. It acts as a pre-arranged warning to the depth of decay and morbidity of the nature of the devil’s character. Don’t believe what you have led to believe. Remember lying in its trademark.

We can’t give away all the secrets just yet. Time has to play itself out. The Origine’ way of doing business is to wait.

Lying Eyes

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