Wednesday 20 October 2021. Full Moon. It is wise to keep track of cycles of the natural world from my life experiences. It pays off older wiser. The Moon is at 100% luminance right now. I had to share. Every moment counts. I am always working when I need to rest and restore. I make the most of my sleep. I have an active mind always worked, have done so most of my life—all times in the entirety of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum, the ever-present moment time and space one.

The Dream is an everlasting continuation of the new Bootheram Dreamtime time-space continuum of the moment ever-present at once. Time no longer exists borrowed time over; the planet is on a good rotation at the moment, I’m feeling the difference. I monitor the health of my Earth every day and update my Centre is balanced and ordered. I like ‘ clean space. Peaceful quiet, I deserve the peace time out with all the racket in.’ wonderland we have been on a big case. I remember the investigation went back through the lines years ago, so we’re close to it; someone has to do it.

My blog graphic is the Moon in full brilliance at 5:35 pm EST. Enjoy the view.

Don’t miss the Moon

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