Dream of Life Comes True

The moment I came to life and became aware of my existence and the world around me, I looked up at the sky; it was a brilliant clear deep blue, my first living memory. I was four years old. I instinctively knew it was Dreamtime. I stood waist-deep in the water of Nulla Nulla Creek, my birth water. ‘ Come back’ water is made of magical properties. Just like the Mountain ‘ Burrel Bullai – Watch over You. My conception Dreaming place the most potent site, in my mother’s tribe. I remember feeling awestruck by the brilliance of life all at once, the memory of that moment, the super-reality of my Dreaming, of the continuation of the Dreamtime continuum of the ever-present moment to this day.

Gran (RS) has been with me since. The Higher-order of the Universe made a time and place that prepared me to enter the world—the Seed. My mothers, mother and father, knew I was a peculiar one. I was given the Australian Willy Wagtail totem from my Grandfather and the Kookaburra from my Grandmother. I have many totems of plant and animal species. I was very close to my Grandparents. All I wanted to be when I grew up was an Aborigine living in the Dreamtime. How could there be any other way?

I remember Gran (RS) taking me to the top of a Mountain to dedicate me to the Creator Spirit.’ Woo-pa-ra-yo-wuh is pronounced in my mother’s dialect. I was with a group. I was so small. All I remember were their legs. We all wrote our names on a scrap of paper and placed them under a rock. I remember my words to dedicate myself to my country, my people and God. I was six years old. Thus, I began my training and lifelong dream of Dreaming.

I was in ‘ streams of consciousness, then it became multiple streams as I matured. For me, it was natural. I know no other way to live or, rather, exist. It was not smooth travelling. I was often misunderstood, which led to conflicts of interest; it became evident to me in my early life to keep the matters of my Dreaming life quiet and wait. My teachers are Gran (RS) and the creation ancestors. The Origine’ way of doing business is to wait. My first lesson.

Since the age of four, I began to piece back together with Gran (RS) the big story. I gave the old Dreamtime stories that I no longer can access. The stories of the one tribe. The common thread in the Dreaming stories I have read is the fighting within groups causing division. The story was when everyone spoke the same language, and fighting broke out. I also found out at age five years of the debil debil existence through a song. It’s about the debil and a box I sing into my presence on the day Gran and I reactivate the ‘ Square dance ceremony place Sunday 26 March 2017. The location is in a prominent area, and it is known to elders in the community. And selected academia.

It has been a Dreaming story that takes fifty years to bear the fruits of the ‘Seed and now wiser, sharper the families in all places finding home. We are in a turbulent time on Earth. I am the physical-biological to the planet, and the rise in the earth temperature will begin to kill off the world’s life.

It is not the end of the world yet as we know it. A new Dreaming or Bootheram to occur around the corner. Significant changes happening across Australia, and a People’s Treaty is drawn to steer away from corporate governance and its corruption. A fair law is based on truth and fairness for all people. We are in the embryonic stages, but it is how the Origine people do business. To wait.

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