I am on a good note right now, physically and mentally. My chiropractor and kinesiologist restore my energy levels after a significant adjustment making the difference. He found a virus. I discovered contamination in my ocean sinister and unwelcome. I saw a dark shadow at the bottom of the sea and looked into it. I always investigate ‘ creatures who hide in the shadows. I have a right to know my domain is of a spiritual kind. It Always has been. The darkness was lurking in a cave. I began to worry for my family of the deep: the whale family and the Fish-People. The shadow becomes aware of my presence and reveals its form—demonic elements. It was large and grew up in size, rising out of the ocean and into the sky. My A-team confirmed the underwater entity the following night. It connected to the alien story, which claims to have created the human race by spreading DNA like fairy dust, is the story we’re told that Gran (RS) and I find comical we have always known who is behind the sham ‘ space ship show. The truth will reveal itself.

I have links on my site to the Origine Matristic Starlore and the Rainbow Serpent culture. It defines the creation of the world. It is written in the movement of the stars mirrored onto the Earth associated djurebil (sacred site). Each tells a portion of the creative epochs since the Alcheringa – the beginning of the Dreamtime. The Vault of Heaven makes the Bootheram Dreamtime Lore incorruptible and stands as a living testament for the human race to gain the true beauty of the world and the Universe we call home.

I keep an eager eye on the health status of the world. I am fed the latest scientific research into my site. There are reports that the Poles are going to reverse or ‘ flip. My feet have begun to vibrate. It started on a whole moon night three months ago. The tremors recorded in Melbourne days ago is connected. Much of my earthly body was the wrath of the All-Mother planet whose natural ‘ power points had been tapped into by.’ demonic intruders they are using.’ space dust from the moon and planets in our solar system. I was onto it years ago when the ‘ pendulum swung back. The Origine way of doing business is to wait. I waited for fifty years for the right time for the story to play itself, out naturally.


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