World Problems

My first blog post was on 20 November 2020.Earth Birth. I have come a long way feeling weathered down more each day, the ‘ world not getting any younger. My physical body limited movement now tired out.

It is a struggle for me now. I still have unfinished business that must be resolved before the world as we know to move into the final and eternal chapter of the Bootheram Dreamtime continuum, the ever-present moment.

My truths have always been an issue with people who don’t like the truth because it hurts. Too bad the truth is a sacred honour and non-existent. It is time for the truth to reveal itself.

It has taken me days to write a short blog post. It takes some effort, now. I published the final page of the ACL official website. I have been ‘ at it for five decades non-stop, tracking down a ‘maniac. We got him.

I will continue to blog. People worldwide are getting a revelation of the cover-up to the natural history of the world. It’s time.

– It is Coming –

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