Earth Speaks

Gran (RS) and I feel people must understand the life and intelligence owed to Earth, the mother of the world. We hear the voice of the children. It sustains your life also. My earthly body has seen, and experienced pain and suffering since the human heart rejected the sustenance and nurturing All-pervading earth mother and began her descent into denial of the existence of life itself. No good became of it except decay and entropy led by an enemy, not of the life force of my planetary existence. It’s nearing the end of its reign over my domain.

Before the business of a family reunion matters close to Gran (RS), and my heart must be made known to those whose hearts yearn for the truth. Without truth and justice, the people suffer. It is not the end of life of the Earth, and the children she breathe for a turnaround event to transpire will occur and end the mourning to the children of my world.

Time allowed to gain strength and conditioning to the life that the original inhabitants endowed and taken away worldwide. Sin in itself. The source of our power is the benevolent thoughts and acts of kindness that strengthen our resolve to expose the lies and bitter hatred for fellow humanity caused by an error in judgement that costs precious lives. The result of an experiment in nature that was never meant to be but is being held as a living testimony of deviations against the creation of Lores/Laws to existence itself a natural cosmic order of heaven and earth in the union of all. Every soul will see with the heart and mind errors in plain sight.

Stay wise to instincts that come from the heartbeat to the soul—the reflection of the eternal mother’s abode within each of us.

– Mother Nature –

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