The world is under investigation.

The time has come to ratify past wronged doing that has put my world upside down. This blog post is a humanitarian gesture for those who pursue the art of truth. It is a short post. My previous posts have revealed ‘ Spiritual foul play in the realm of the spirits and creatures of the Dreamtime.

The cover up goes way back in time. We have enough evidence to support mother earth and her children. I cannot go into details, but it involves the original inhabitants of the world of native descent. It is severe, and the consequences are the root of racism that did not exist in the world. And it never did.

Behind every crime involves the motive, and again it involves the Mowi, the original rebel without a cause. My people knew of the Mowi methods for the unnatural occurrences and developed the mindset to counteract the ‘ interference physically, spiritually and mentally. But this crime goes back before the creation of the world, and the results of it we see in the world today in human society and the fact that it exists; this alone evidence of tampering with the natural order of nature,

It occurred as a lesson that had to run the course of its natural path. If it did not do so , there would be no life. The conspiracy theories that have been floating around the world for years come nowhere near it. I am unable to add further information about the devastating crime against my world. The investigation is still ongoing

– World Crime –

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