The Uluru Connection

The health of significant earthly locations has a direct impact on my physical body. Before the realignment of the earth Solar Plexus at Uluru with the Diamond Galactic Grid on 12 January 2020, I suffered from heartburn regularly. I knew I connected to Uluru – the Rock. Following the connection with the Galactic Grid, my frequent heartburn goes away. I could never go to visit the most iconic landmark on the planet. I would pass out from the sheer power of the vibratory frequencies the Rock emits. I have a DNA connection with Uluru and can prove it.

The Ngarakbul Githabul clans is the East Coast Keeper of a ‘ Bird-Lore to the Feathered Serpent Traditions to the Rainbow Serpent Culture/Lore. The Alcheringa is the beginning of the Dreamtime, or the Ngarakbul Githabul dialect is Bootheram for Creation Lore or Lore of ALL Creation. It commenced in Ngarakbul, the first light country, The first energy rays from the sun hit the summit of Wollumbin (Mount Warning) at dawn, the first location on the Australian continent.

Wollumbin is a primary PowerPoint to mechanisms that drive a rotating planet that orbits the sun with it’s natural satellites. Uluru was a sore spot in my Earthly form. The Alcheringa Songline is the beginning of the Dreamtime and is a sacred story and must NEVER CHANGE. It travels West to the Anangu to Uluru, the aligned moiety of the Yookum Yookum, the East Coast Keepers of Origine Lore. Here is the heart and soul to my Earth

The last surviving direct descendant, too, is uncle Uluru himself. The most humble, meek and very mild elder. Uncle Uluru speaks Fourty two tribal languages but cant speak English or read and write. Uncle Uluru and Uluru – the Rock were the missing link and the key. He is a powerful healer and gives Gran ( RS), and I much needed relief from pain and discomfort in our bodies and that of the planet.

Uncle Uluru is a national treasure and should be Heritage-listed Australian icon of significance for restoring global health. I will make it transpire. The actual history of Australian settlement to my people was one of bloodshed and tears.

It continues today. The clandestine covert genocide of the Matristic Rainbow Serpent culture persists in the most recognisable landmark of Australia by people around the world, Uluru.

– Restorative Healing –

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