Benevolent Vibrations

Love and wisdom come from experiencing good and evil. Experience leads to knowledge and eventually to love and understanding. Every living soul ultimately learns the Laws of nature and the universe. For magical work of much importance, there is usually a preparatory period of considerable duration. By fasting, purity and other strict austerities, the wise person transforms the mind to perform the work contemplated.

Sacred objects have a special vibratory rate with the thought-cells of the owner Dowie (spirit). The more active a group of thought-cells are, the more power they have so that working from the psychic world, they bring the desired effect into the owner’s life.

The ‘ wise person, makes an assertion of the importance, points out that frequency with which the.’ sacred object is thought of, the thought power of the individual thinking about them; and the directness with which the thought carries; all enter into calculations. In any case, they form a bond between the spiritual and physical worlds and adjust the mind to any meditation or deep concentration.

Every act of the preparatory period, according to the pre-determined schedule, drives home into the unconscious of the ‘ wise person, a particular result will be obtained. As a result of the initial period, the.’ wise person enters into the ‘ magical act with all their energy concentrated to give a terrific impact to the accomplishment of their work. Consequently, the ‘intelligent person can do under normal circumstances would be pretty impossible.

The physical brain has very little power to handle electromagnetic energies, which makes the magical process of any kind possible. Cerebral concentration tends to generate electrical frequencies which are not suitable for either spiritual activities or the production of physical phenomena.

For use in white magic, the electrical frequencies are generated by the nervous system while the mind is in a state of exaltation is most suitable. They not only tune the.’ wise person in on spiritual levels which are constructive, but they readily become converted into energies which permit the Yowie or soul to become highly active in the spiritual world.

The work accomplished by magical procedures constantly changes the Dowie (spirit) spheres, and to bring about some change, the Yowie (soul) needs to be active in that dimension of existence of the Dowie dimensions to direct the energies towards bringing about the psychic modifications necessary for the desired results.

– Benevolence Prospers

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