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The Summer Solstice 2020 marked a one-off astronomical event. The Sacred Geometry of The Cosmological Circle. At 4.00 UT, at sunrise on 21 June, looking NE to the Heeling Stone, this sacred geometry is replicated on the ground at Stonehenge. The ecliptic crossing on the Galactic Equator at the Heeling Stone, the moon lost in the glare of the Sun. This coincides with the beginning of the Solar eclipse in Central Africa.

The pattern is the exact structure of the interior of the Milky Way orbital stars, which creates the Milky Way Galaxy. The ancient keep track of the Galactic cycles of time and spaceā€”the fine-tuning to the Galactic Clock. This extraordinary event marks the beginning of a new process.

The ‘ Timekeepers to the stars upholding the Matristic Starlore societies also the Universal Lore of Reciprocity keeping order and balance with the natural cycles of the natural world. The original realm of existence.

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