The Chaos Of The Realms of the Spirits

The ‘ big clean up in the worlds of the spiritual beings of the Dreaming takes Gran ( RS) and my many years to recover also restore the order of the Spirit realms. The multi-levels of existence dimensions also had been tampered with. My family world’s had significant interference from an outsider motivated by the principles of all that is good and wholesome, including the balance and order of the structure of beings of supernal origin.

The primary suspect again, the Mowi knew across the country by my people as a trickster. Demonic forces dominate the spirit world. Gran (RS) would do the sweep and cover my tracks. I found the female entities sinister also were involved in.’ The stolen property from the Dreamtime and charms unknowing humans ‘ seductively misleading their minds to believe in an idea motivated by greed and power, primarily males.

I first became aware of the Mowi existence at age five years. I come back from the Dreamtime to track him down and.’ fix the damage he had caused both the spiritual and physical world. More evidence will be public before the end of the year. I am also aware of Mowi ‘ influence on the outcome of world affairs. Gran (RS) and I will never understand the motives behind the ‘ trickster wrongdoing against the Universal Lore of Reciprocity, a fair and balanced arrangement between the two parties in agreement. I call it the mental.’ Square peg in the round hole syndrome.

Gran (RS) and I had to work with our spirit families to restore coherence and harmony in their Spiritual Society. I am the brains of the family also a spiritual.’ Sonar radar. Like the creative ancestors, I had to make an order and sense out of chaos and mayhem. For the most part, my spirit family relied on me. Even the realm of the dead vandalised. The process had to take time for the right moment to occurs to drive the wedge further between the two parties and make a distance from the contaminating influence and relentless hell-bent behaviour of the.’ Evil entities who trespass onto sacred grounds. The job is to be done well and proper.

Our spirit family always maintain open communication in many forms and a variety of ways. Most of the family were bird form in sync in the Dreamtime continuum. It was a black undercover operation. The negative energies infiltrate access all areas they take over. While being.’ hounded, I would hide in the ‘ spaces in between them never saw me, and the trail goes cold. The family is always on their toes. Their home was ‘ bugged. Security measures need in place. I was the.’ antenna and forewarned everyone I had to be a step ahead to ensure no unexpected mishap or ambush takes place.

I was in face to face battle with a ‘ legion of demonic forces and the only one who can. There are all.’ Types. The kamikaze types had nothing to lose also their allegiance to the Mowie to prove.’ Nothing. The crazy types who lost their bearings as a result of ‘ depravity to evilness unchecked. Then some impersonate. Nothing gets past me. My spiritual Grandfather gave me the.’ Redback Spider totem. The female catch prey ten times their size also have the most sophisticated webs in the Spider world. It is natural to me the Redback Spider entered into my life at conception. I have all the hunting traits and trapeze in the.’ underworld on a spring-loaded web.

I will never forget the moment we sealed off the.’ outsiders; we even had a helicopter flyover to celebrate. The family home was safe and back in its rightful place. Everyone in the family now understands how it works. It was backbreaking work for everyone involved; however, most grateful.

– Order Restored –

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