Conception Dreaming

A spirit child enters the world directly. My mother was spiritually fertilised being in contact with her tribe’s, Dhungutti, most potent site – Burrel Bullai. My mother, fertilised by this type of power, establish my identity directly with that spiritual power. The Mountain can bring the people back to their homeland. The older men would take the young boys up the mountain for their initiations. It is taboo for women to be on ‘Burrel Bullai. The women had to walk around it.

One day when the old men take young boys up the mountain for their training a young boy wanted to go. But the old men say you are too young to be a ‘dilga. The little boy was naughty, followed, hiding behind the bushes. That night the little boy saw a old man kill a Goanna. The old man shared the Goanna to eat. It was too late for the little boy to go back to the women. They fell asleep. The old man wake up early but the little boy was still asleep. He was so naughty the spirit of the Goanna entered his body and turned him into a Goanna. The Goanna spirit still lives on top of the Mountain today. You can see the Goanna form, on top of the mountain.

I also have a connection with the Goanna spirit, in my father’s Dialect called ‘Dirrawong in my father’s ancestral lands. Goanna Headland at Evans Head NSW. The Dirrawong is alive in a cave. The Goanna Spirit is an important creation being in Origine’ Bootheram Dreamtime. An aerial view of the tip of the Headland. The way of the Goanna can be seen.

The Dirrawong (Goanna spirit) an unseen spiritual creature that protects, guards and help its people with values, wooden articles, wooden sacred objects and the beliefs, values, rule and practices concerning the peoples relationships with the land.

My blog graphic is the Sacred Mountain of my mother people and a meandering creek called Nulla Nulla Creek. My birth water. The creek also has the power to draw people back to the area. My grandfather told me as a child the water is magic. The Creek was created in the Dreamtime by the porcupine being hunted by the ancestors. A large rock sits at the mouth of Nulla Nulla Creek mark the spot the porcupine was captured and speared creating the quills we see on the porcupine today. The name given to me for the Dunghutti most powerful site ‘Burrel Bullai. – Watch Over You

– Conception Dreaming –

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