The rhythmic cycles of growth for the earth and humans are driven by pulsations of invisible force fields, which the Origine’ tribal people call the ancestral creation beings. The great ancestral beings were vast, unbounded, intangible vibratory bodies similar to lots of energy. These same hidden fields of force pervade our earthly environment, as well as the expanses of the universe. Contemporary astronomy now speaks of a universe permeated by interstellar magnetic fields. These fields appear to be the most far-reaching media of communication, not only between stars but also between galaxies. At the same time, astronomy is becoming aware of the magnetic of the cosmos; physics has demonstrated that magnetic forces exist in all substances. Matter, at its most fundamental level, is now considered to be a submicroscopic magnet. Biologists have become fascinated with the theory of self-organisation in living systems and have found that magnetism is the most fundamental

Magnetism is an invisible web extending out to the universe on every level, from atom to galaxy. Magnetic fields of influence integrate the universe, earth, and every living creature, so each communicates its rhythmic essence in resonance with others. Origine’ has always respected the force of magnetic energy, and they recognise the capacity of blood and red ochre to increase their sensitivity to it.

An Origine’ elder used this example to explain my people’s concept of magnetism. ” Psychic or spiritual fields are related to the material world the same way that we conceive of a relationship of a magnetic field to its lodestone. Living creatures are connected to the spirit or psychic areas through the blood flow in their veins. In contrast, the earth’s body is connected to these same magnetically sensitive minerals and crystals”.

A thought can best be described as a set of vibratory frequencies within the spirit body (Dowie). If these vibratory frequencies are transmitted through electromagnetism to the physical brain, the thought arises from the unconscious into the region of objectivity. The individual is then objectively conscious of a thought that may have been present for a long time or short time in the unconscious without being aware of it. If there is sensation coming from the physical world, the vibratory rates of the brain set into motion are transmitted through electromagnetism to the subtle (spirit) brain, where they are registered and compared with other rates of action set up by previous experience.

Such a comparison when it rises into subjective consciousness through its motions being transmitted to the physical brain is said to be a definite perception. The force at any given time depends on the intensity of the thought. The vividness depends on the thinkers to separate the factors of which the study is composed. This is accomplished through concentration. The power depends on the number of separate, mental factors utilised, the energy contained in each and the completeness with which they are joined to act as a single organisation of thought energy. So it is that mental force results from utilising life experiences as integrative factors of which the thought is composed.

The carrying power of thought and the amount of work it can accomplish depends on the energy associated with it. An idea that is associated with any emotion, whatever has considerable power to perform. The ceremonial factor in magic is not a simple one. To understand its functions, we must consider the relationship of the Dowie (spirit or subtle) world, the Dowie of humans and the Dowie of the psychic world/entities to magic in general. Magic utilises forces of the Dowie world even though such details are limited according to the psychic energies of the ‘ clever man or ‘shaman. Further, we must recognise that what is built upon the Dowie by the mental imagery of an entity, either incarnate or discarnate, has actual real existence in this physical world. Under suitable conditions of contact with the physical reality, it manifests here on earth.

An example of the Dowie is illustrated in the Origine’ legend of the.’Wandjina or creative spirits who are concerned with the season and rain. They wandered across the land, designing the topography. At the end of their work, they went to various caves where their Powers remains. They then returned to the Dowie dimensions of existence. Through a particular ritual, which includes repainting the bodies on the cave walls, the ‘ clever man or shaman can contact these entities and ask for assistance in bringing rain. Help will and does come.

I am explaining a three-dimensionality existence since I was aged four. There are multiple streams of consciousness occurring simultaneously even while in a sleeping state, while at the same time juggling two separate realities. The physical and spiritual worlds.

– Dreamtime Mechanics –

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