Sacred Innocence

This is an intimate and personal blog post. It is about my babies who were stolen from a long way back in the Dreamtime. The Mowi take them. A little girl and boy. I come back and went through satanic and demonic hell to get them. The little boy was a goodwill spirit who rode on the back of an Emu and had no mouth. If there was fighting amongst the people in the group the Goodwill spirit little boy would appear. He would communicate to the people via telepathy. He tells the people not to fight with each other or they would lose their mouth and will be unable to eat and will die from hunger. The people did not want to lose their mouths and die. They stop fighting. The Goodwill spirit little boy bring peace and harmony back into the group. I get my little boy back fifteen years ago. I cried my heart out. The Goodwill little boy was in a most traumatised and frightened state. This is the first time I am able to talk about him. He is with me now asleep peaceful and with his mother. My little girl is very clever and talkative to her spirit family when they are nearby. I get her back in 1998. She is so beautifully innocent. She was not seriously damaged as her brother. I came back for all my black babies who had been genocide worldwide. This is the Payback is a bitch Prophecy. My children were innocent and naked living as one with their mother. My Earthly body provided for all their needs. They were happy and knew ‘no sin.

The true nature of the earth natural history is bloodied from the innocent. I have in my possession paintings of the murderers who slaughtered my black babies and the Mowi is the instigator I know the WHOLE STORY. As I have mentioned in a previous post the ancient genome sequence is missing. Hell knows no fury like a woman wrath. The time of judgement is near. I honestly don’t know where to start. I am also aware of a political elite pedophile ring. As the All-Mother God it is my business to know such. The cover-up of the Earth true natural history, in time, will unravel also with the kiddy porn, out of control also undercover.

I have mentioned in previous posts of my spiritual Dreaming family who were trapped in places they did not belong. The Mowi primary suspect. This is my first and final warning. There are people who exist on my earthly body who are not supposed to be here. The adult playground is closed.

– Babies Of The Dreamtime –

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